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September 20, 2002 2:23am
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I know, I know – it’s been way too long!!! I’ve been so busy with literally half a dozen different projects, both for Just Laugh and even a couple in my own real life that some of the others have gotten pushed off to the side temporarily. Well, the clouds are finally clearing and I’ve got several pieces currently in various stages that I’m hoping to have ready at various points during the weekend, so hopefully this massive update will help to make up for my previous absence… 😛

Believe it or not, it’s already been eight weeks since the start of Humor Columnist Survivor and I’m still in the game! In fact, to commemorate my success so far, I’ve even managed to throw together a column which tells all about our first eight weeks and some other things you probably don’t want to know…

Another Day on the Island

And if you haven’t visited the official site, or just keep forgetting the address, just follow the link below…and don’t forget to vote in my favor while you’re there!

Don’t get excited just yet – we’re far from the end! I’ll be making more updates throughout the weekend, so stay tuned to this news post for the latest in all that is funny! 😐

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