Ack! Eeek, even…

October 31, 2003 6:50am

Help! My ice machine won’t stop making ice!!! Ever since sometime late last night, that beast has been churning out ice like it’s nobody’s business – I’ve tried moving the arm every which way, but it won’t stop! My freezer is damn near all ice at this point. No single man needs this much ice…I may need to throw some sort of party or something just to whittle down the reserves – bring your own warm beverages.

Although I don’t have the evidence to back it up yet, I’ve got a sneaky suspicion that Arnold is behind all of this…“Rise of the Machines was just a movie, my ass!” Either him or Jerry Falwell…

One Response to Ack! Eeek, even…

  1. damnsel says:

    mmm yes party

    of course i wouldn’t be interested unless there’s a lot of alcohol, right?


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