It was another one of those heat wave days, only a little better than yesterday – it just barely struck the triple digits, where as yesterday we saw them for several hours. It was still something like seventy-five when Brandi and I went for our walk, but there was at least a bit of a breeze, so it wasn’t nearly as bad. People tell me that I’d never make it in Florida, but I would assume that you’d get used to it eventually, just as we’re used to wearing shorts in fifty degree weather up here. Plus, they’ve got A/C like everywhere, right?

I did notice something less than flattering about one of the apartment complexes that we normally pass – no matter what time of night it may be, there always just happens to be somebody throwing up outside. Last night at midnight – somebody’s throwing up. A few nights earlier at, say, 9:00 PM – somebody’s throwing up. I’d be willing to bet that somebody’s throwing up there right now, so if you’re planning on moving to the area anytime soon, I can certainly give you the address of someplace you might want to avoid…

And I have a nice red line down the left side of my laptop’s display suddenly and I have no idea where it came from. Today I did spray it down and clean it, but I can’t see how that would make a difference. Should an LCD that’s only a year and a half old be going bad already, or is this just a scam by Dell to slip out from underneath the warranty and get me to drop another two grand for a new computer???

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