I hate my bank…

June 9, 2003 10:29pm
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I have money, or at least I do in theory, but for some reason I can’t have my money. If I had just deposited it today, I would almost understand because it usually takes a day for them to get my hard-earned cash into that little computer of theirs, but I didn’t deposit it today – I deposited it last week. I even tried to get some out over the weekend, but it wouldn’t let me have any, so I put even more in, thinking it might see the errors in its ways and help a brother out, but no… “You have almost two hundred dollars in your account and you can’t touch a dime of it.”

People keep telling me that I should switch to a credit union, but I’m honestly thinking about cutting out the middle man and just keeping my money in a cardboard box from now on. My bill collectors probably won’t like getting paid in loose change and dirty five dollar bills, but as long as that box doesn’t hold out on me like the greedy corporate jerks who are currently hoarding my money, it’ll be worth the extra effort…

6 Responses to I hate my bank…

  1. meg_bunny says:

    Which bank do you use, so that I know to never set foot in one?

  2. scott says:

    Fifth Third BankWorking hard to be the only bank you’ll ever need…

    You’ve never been in a bank???

  3. meg_bunny says:

    Currently, I use a little bank that only has branches in my county…I need to switch before I move to Oregon for college. I’m thinking maybe Washington Mutual.

  4. mbuonauro says:

    I kept all my money in a Secret Wars lunch box for years, then one day I went and to setup an account. With my lunchbox. It was funny, they must have thought me retarded, but then I had a lot more money in there than you would have thought.


  5. scott says:

    Lunchbox, you say? That may prove to be more durable than my shoebox idea…I may have to look into this…

  6. scott says:

    Seriously, the smaller the bank you can find, the better. It may suck trying to find ATMs every once in a while, but it sure beats having to call customer service in another state. It’s always nice when you can yell at someone locally until your charges are reversed…

    (Of course, that only works until they get bought out by somebody bigger, which is what happened to me. It’s all downhill from there…)

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