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September 26, 2004 11:40pm
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  • Florida saw yet another hurricane this weekend, which came wee close to ruining my day. Game day on Saturday nearly got cancelled when the disaster relief crew went on stand-by, but we ended up lucking out at the last second and many games of Star Wars: Battlefront and Halowere enjoyed by all.
  • The meatballs that I prepared for said event apparently turned out surprisingly well, despite the fact that it was the first time I’ve attempted to make the sauce from scratch. Nearly two pounds of meat were devoured and I’m happily walking away with some new ideas to try for next time. Also, a crock pot is now officially on my list of stuff to buy the next time I’m at Wal-Mart.
  • Today, on the other hand, was an incredibly lazy day, as I spent a good portion of the afternoon lying in bed, listening to the storm outside. Lots of water fell and the winds gusted strong, but I’m happy to report that no major damages occurred in my area…not even many limbs down, actually. It looked like a few roads were closed due to a small amount of flooding in the evening hours, but hopefully that’ll be under control by morning.
  • Sadly, however, while I laid sleeping my new plant outside didn’t have it so easy, as I noticed it half out of its pot when I got the paper earlier today. I see no reason why it won’t survive – I may have to bail out the rest of the water tomorrow and pick up a bag of soil to replace what was washed away, but I suppose that’s what I get for not being smart enough to pull her inside the night before… 🙁
  • The single movie that I watched over the weekend in widescreen goodness was The Boondock Saints, and to sum it up in a single phrase, “Boy, was I disappointed…” This was one of those movies that was recommended by a friend – “Don’t bother renting it – just buy it!” – and although I don’t normally even rent that many movies, I certainly won’t make that mistake again. Not to even mention the lack-luster storyline and sub-par actors, the “widescreen version” of the DVD wouldn’t drop the bars on my “widescreen television,” so the entire movie was shrunk down and displayed with three inch bars on either side, even though it didn’t need to be. For future reference, any movie that mentions its similarity to Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fictionon the jacket is staying on the shelf from here on out… 😛
  • I’m getting a new computer this week!!! It should be arriving via FedExWednesday evening, so with any luck I’ll have everything put together and be zipping along at more current speeds later on that night – I can’t wait to actually be able to download security patches again without worrying of over-taxing my processor! Dual-channel DDR RAM, 800-Mhz front-side bus, gigabit ethernet – hmmmm…
  • My sister is apparently putting together some sort of jazz ensemble this year at school, which sounds pretty darn cool to me – it kinda makes me disappointed that I won’t be able to make it up for the holidays again this year. Nonetheless, I look forward to many MP3s turning up in my inbox as the rehersals commence!
  • Making Saturday morning nearly as enjoyable as back in the days of Garfield and Friends and The Real Ghostbusters, this old boy got himself a wink sometime Friday evening! For those not in the know, a wink is a subtle click-of-the-mouse found on most of the Internet match-making sites to alert another user that you’re mildly interested in getting to know them better – and I’ve never gotten one…until this weekend!Said *wink* was casually returned the following day, so now only time will tell if my love life actually does stand a chance after all. Hell, even if it was simply someone who bumped the wrong button, after officially scaring the last woman I attempted to contact clean off the Internet, anything is better than nothing!
  • And this happened about a week ago, actually, but I still thought that it deserved mention – both the ceiling fan and my toilet needed to be serviced last week, which required my calling the maintenance department of my apartment complex. I feel that it’s important to give my home proper credits because I’ve been reading a lot of bad reviews about them online lately, however each instance was fixed in a single visit and both warranted follow-up calls from the office the following day to make sure everything was taken care of, but that’s not the cool part. The cool part is this – on the second visit, after repairing the ceiling fan in my living room, the repair guy also took the time to take out the trash! So don’t believe everything that you read…

And last, but not least…

  • I’m looking to decorate my bedroom…finally…and I need some ideas. After deciding to renew my lease for another year, it seems only fitting that I do something to my bedroom to make it a bit more than, well, a room with a bed in it! I’m thinking a little paint on the walls, new curtains to replace the plastic things that are provided by default, maybe even some candles and a snare or two – whatever it takes to attract and catch the ladies these days. Come on – help a guy out here…

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