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September 13, 2004 11:29pm
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The channel of the day is Discovery HD Theater – anyone who’s approached the home theater section at Best Buy or Circuit City knows that the display is usually set to this one and within a few moments it becomes amazingly clear exactly how this decision was reached – WOW…

I’m watching a series called Dinosaur Planet right now, which is basically like the Disney move Dinosaur only with a bit of a story to it. I thought that the Disney one looked beautiful in an actual theater, but the 3d effects are displayed brilliantly here, right in my own living room! Earlier I was watching something on volcanic eruptions and the aftermath, eventual regrowth, etc… – very cool stuff, indeed.

Anyone who claims that they can’t really see a difference between standard analog and HDTV must be asleep. Kids, if you don’t have HDTV yet – what in the world are you waiting for?!

3 Responses to Purty Pictures

  1. badgie says:

    Um, a big fat check to fall out of the sky, or for out-of-state tuition to magically disappear?

  2. scott says:

    Um, both Best Buy and Circuit City currently have 18-months same-as-cash offers on the table – that’s no excuse!

  3. badgie says:

    Feh. Besides, I don’t really watch very much TV, and once school starts my movie-watching is drastically reduced. The “Worship Me” will have to wait.

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