…and you thought that *I* was a dork…

Ok, so this guy took it a step or three even farther and created a role-playing game…with legos. Where was this stuff when I was dumping hundreds of dollars into Magic: the Gathering cards?!



  1. Phasing was a mechanic from the Mirage block, and it was almost entirely confined to Mirage and Visions; it appeared very little in Weatherlight.

    Essentially, what phasing did was remove your creature from play (indicated by flipping it over), then returned it during your untap. When it was removed from play, everything that it was the target of (enchantments, etc) went to the graveyard, because their target disappeared.

    The thing I don’t remember is whether or not you could phase stuff out at any time, or just as certain times in your turn. Either way, I thought it was neat.

    Of course, according to a poll on the Magic website, it is the LEAST favorite of all the abilities… including shadow, from the Tempest block, and a bunch of others.

  2. LOL – that explains why I drew a blank … I’ve never even HEARD of those expansions! I played back in the days of Revised Edition – I think The Dark, Legends, and Fallen Empires were some of the expansions at the time.

  3. Ah yes… I started playing right at the end of the Mirage block, with Weatherlight. Mirage was the block that came out after the Ice Age block. I miss a lot of the older stuff, but osme of the new shit is pretty good, too.

    The only thing that I’ve really enjoyed that they’ve done is they made the f’n rules easier to understand. A lot of the older cards and more archaic rules are pretty tough to get your head around, but they’re not so bad now. The Oracle wordings are handy. (Oracle is the “official errata book”, basically. It lists all the wordings for all the cards in current text… it’s nice.)

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