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June 13, 2005 11:02pm
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  • Who knew that DHCP could be such a pain in the ass?! Almost followed the suggestion to replace cables for any bad connections when I opted to just try out the other NIC in the offending PC first…so far, it’s now working. I don’t know what the problem is – just both my laptop and my server sometimes don’t get an IP from DHCP, so they now give themselves private IPs instead which effectively does, well, nothing. Both seem to be back online now, so we’ll see what happens, but after reading the mass of DHCP issues that folks have been having with Linksys – since 2001– I’m about ready to exchange this thing for something else…
  • Received the LNP documentation from VoicePulse today to effectively boot Verizon from my life – just cross your fingers and let’s hope that they can get this right the first time! You’d think with what I do for a living, this would be a shoe-in…but then again, all I can really do is print clearly on the forms – the rest is up to them…
  • Cleaned up a bunch of stray programs from both PC and laptop this evening – systems seem to be running a little smoother now. Laptop is still beggingto be reformatted (after three years…), but I just don’t have the time to take that plunge right now. Maybe I’ll play the scandisk / defrag game before going to bed tonight.
  • Photo galleries on are almost the way I want them now – had to trim away some text to make them fit properly with the new layout, but such is life. After spending a good couple of hours actually writing and formatting for the “new site,” it just might actually get put up sometime this year after all!
  • Pile of old NES games and other pitiful computer junk keeps looking more wasteful and makes me wonder if I should just skip eBay and go straight to the dumpster…at least the dumpster doesn’t charge me listing fees…

Either way, it’s all good now and I’m going swimming – please try not to crash anything while I’m gone… 😛

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