moving days #3 thru 6 — A MODEST SUMMARY

November 12, 2005 11:59pm
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Tired isn’t the word to describe how I feel right now.

Drained, exasperated, p-double-o-p-e-d — pooped – those are more along the lines that I’m talking about at this point!

I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve driven from Town ‘n Country to New Tampa and back in the past three days, or how many hours of my time I wasted by leaving at the wrong time and getting stuck in traffic, but here – today – on a cool Saturday night, I can proudly say that I’m almost done. But enough of this crazy, paragraph-form – four days worth of updates entitles me to some bullet points, if I do say so myself…

  • Of all the “interesting” folks that I met out on the road during my numerous commutes, my favorite of the week has got to be “guy who expects everyone to be nice to him, and then gets pissed off when we’re not.” The scenario was simple – I had pulled up to a stoplight in front of this dude trying to turn out of a driveway and didn’t leave him room to pull out. I wasn’t being vindictive – just not paying attention. Well, the truck behind me did leave room for him, but instead of waiting for the light to change and just pulling out, this jerk gets pissed because I wouldn’t back up in the middle of the road so that he could pull out. Tires squeal, he whips around the backside of my car and dodges two other lanes of traffic, then tries to pull alongside me with his window rolled down so he can cuss me out! I’m pretty sure that he was shaking his fists, too, but then a Wham song came on the radio and I kind of lost interest…
  • I still can’t believe just how much stuff I have, pretty much because right now it’s scattered across my living and dining rooms! Luckily, I do have more space here (read: storage!), so I won’t be tripping over things like I was at the old apartment, but still – wow…
  • After about my eightieth trip to Wal-Mart this week, I now finally own a toaster oven! Breakfast tomorrow morning is to be Pillsbury Toaster Scrambles – which I haven’t had for at least two years, and I couldn’t be happier! 🙂
  • But alas, also alongside the habit of eating really bad this week because I’ve been on the go all the time, I discovered that the gym here doesn’t actually have the particular exercise machine that I’ve become accustomed to using at the old place. 🙁 I suppose it was about time to start changing it up, anyways, but I just really liked only using one machine and knowing that after an hour of torture and 700 calories lost, I’d be done…
  • Nonetheless, I have been looking around and found something comparable at Wal-Mart for, like, $200 … not exactly the same as the $2000 machine that I’ve been using, but it might work. We’ll see – maybe for Christmas…
  • …wait a minute – who wants exercise equipment for Christmas?!
  • Another shopping related venture (that hopefully I’ll be able to take care of tomorrow) – these are sad, sad times, but I’ve decided that it’s time to move on from the cloud-laden comforter that I have on my bed… 🙁 The constant ridicule from both men and women has finally gotten to be too much … I hope you’re happy with yourselves!
    • …but just for the record, the cloud sheets may go, but I’m still keeping the Disney posters on the wall. There’s nothing wrong with a little inner child in all of us… 😛
  • I think my fish are mad at me, primarily because I ripped them out of their natural environments so that I could begin moving the tanks. Little fish are now in an even smaller tank while the big guys took their home, and all peered at me with those beady, irritated eyes as I left my old apartment for the evening. But both tanks will be even better once I redo them, guys – I promise!
  • You’d think that my TV would’ve been one of the first things hooked up when it got here, but surprisingly, it wasn’t. A lot of my moving out here is really upgrading things I did (or didn’t do) around the home, and after wrestling with a monstrous pile of cables to move everything on Wednesday, I decided that now would be a really great time to incorporate some cable management into my system. Not a huge change, really – it just involves routing all of the cables in the same direction, zip-tying them together to keep things neat, and generally just making the behind the scenes view much, much cleaner. Plus, I’m told that it can help to cut down on interference between your cables, so that would be a bonus!
  • And last but certainly not least in this week’s adventures, I wanted to share something that just seemed quite bizarre as I was doing it this evening…mainly because I never would’ve expected to have fun doing anything cleaning-related, but this time I did. My fun was found in the lost art of filling nail holesand although possibly just because it turned out to be a whole lot easier than I thought that it would, who cares?! So if anyone is moving and needs some holes filled, just give me a call…
    • Wow – that was an innuendo if I’ve ever heard one! Hey, it’s late … and it has been a while… 😛

And a bit of non-moving related notions as well…

  • I think I’ve finally decided what I want to focus my creative efforts on here in the near future, at least besides the comic, that is. Actually, I guess it’s technically two projects:
  • finally settle on a redesign for that can be used to showcase my writing, yet doesn’t necessarily have to lock me in at X number of columns per week – I have some rough ideas, but the logistics behind the writing is still fuzzy at best
  • work on a new model to bring Just Laugh back to life – I don’t want to give away any details because my visions are changing daily, but there’s just too much traffic going to that site…that’s been closed for two years now…for me to not take advantage of it. It’ll be very cool, though – trust me!
  • One of my new goals over the next several weeks here, I think, is going to be to redesign my diet because frankly, I’ve gotten very bored. I eat the same things for breakfast and lunch every day, dinner is a wildcard, and although I’m more or less maintaining the same weight, I do find that it’s becoming easier to deviate because I’m tired of eating the same things every day…plus, I still have weight that I want to lose! I know that it’s going to take some discipline because it’ll involve setting aside time to prepare actual meals and stuff, but I just need a change!
  • What kind of iPod do you think I should get? I finally got my birthday money from my Dad and I’ve decided that it should get spent on an MP3 player, primarily so I’ll have something to listen to while exercising. While I like the size of the Nanos, I’m afraid that it’s going to be too fragile and possibly break if I keep it in my pocket or something. I don’t think that I really care about the video aspect of it, but that still leaves a lot of options…
  • Have I mentioned that my new office is going to be really, really cool?! Just checking… 🙂

Whew – wasn’t that little game of catch-up fun?! I suppose that’s why it’s easier to do this every day, eh? Now if you’ll excuse me, though, as stated earlier, I’m very, very tired and there’s a nice, clean bed with my name on it! First night sleeping in the new place…

3 Responses to moving days #3 thru 6 — A MODEST SUMMARY

  1. A Nano? Don’t they hold about five songs or something?

    Anyway, mine is a 20gb. I have somewhere around 5000 songs and could squeeze in about 2500 more. Yep.

  2. scott says:

    Nanos come in 2GB and 4GB; Minis are 4GB and 6GB; and the regular iPods are now 30GB and 60GB for video.

    1GB will hold about 15 standard-length albums of 15 songs each, so even at 4GB, that’s 900 songs — I’m just going to use it on the go, so I don’t need anything more than that, I don’t think. For just exercise and maybe in the car, I don’t see the need to tote around half my music collection…

  3. I tote around all of my music collection, and then some.

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