October 21, 2005 6:15pm

Albeit, I don’t really instant message all that much, but damn – I just cleaned out my contact list in Trillian and I have 3 names left…

…and two of them are my sister’s IDs…

…so, so lonely!

8 Responses to Wow…

  1. jasonjm20 says:

    The Sensation….

    I’m kinda here kinda not, but there you go. I was suppossed to actualy hang out with you, but I did a piss poor job of that.


  2. scott says:

    That’s cool – it takes two to tango…or two to put off tango’ing for a year and a half, as the case may be…

    I added you on AIM just now. My ID is scottsevener – I’m usually listed as away even if I’m actually online, but I’ll keep an eye out for you. Maybe we can get together in a few weeks after I move and have a chance to get settled.

  3. badgie says:

    AIM: badgie523
    ICQ: 19162131


  4. scott says:

    Ironically, you were actually one of the three that I had left…even though we’ve never chatted before! It turns out that I had an old ID for you anyways, so maybe I’ll see you around… 🙂

    What is the time different between Florida and Germany, anyways?!

  5. jasonjm20 says:

    hey, sounds good.

    Also, if you need a hand moving let me know. I have a truck and very good references. Might be rough with wrestling and stuff, but let me know and if I can, I can.


  6. 3 for which messenger?

    And I’m glad I’m important, twice-over.

  7. scott says:



  8. Wow. Kind of surprised about that one.

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