My death machine has a first name…

January 7, 2006 11:55pm
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Ok, so I started exercising again tonight.

To sum it up in three words: feel the pain

According to my exercise log, the last time I worked out was on October 22nd and judging by the shooting pains in my thighs, that’s about two and a half months sans exercise too long! Last fall, apparently I was going for more than an hour at a time and tonight I barely drudged through fifteen minutes before collapsing in defeat – it’s going to be a long road back to the top…

My new sworn enemy…

My goal is still to get down to 200 lbs or maybe a little less and I’ve only gained back about six of what I lost last year (currently at 221), but I think things are going to go a little smoother for me this time. Having the machine right here at home so that I can exercise pretty much whenever I want should hopefully free me of the burdens of trying to find time to go down to the gym, plus I can watch TV while I do it and that’s got to make the time pass faster than it did by just talking to myself! 🙂 Tonight I was finally able to delve into season six of The Simpsons and there’s a good four discs to that boxed set, so if the motivation isn’t there now, I probably won’t ever find it!

To one of the many resolutions I’ve set this year, wish me luck!

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