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May 29, 2007 12:24am
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I realized tonight that I haven’t really blogged much about life in general lately, at least not since the engagement, so as I try to unwind and prepare for bed this evening, here we go…

Memorial Day Weekend
I had planned to get all of this great stuff done and make loads of progress both with my writing and around the house … but I didn’t. Instead, I layed around a lot, slept a lot, and started playing Final Fantasy 3 again which ate up gobs of my time all by itself. Didn’t get a single word of writing done, didn’t go down to the gym once – yeah, what a waste of a weekend.

Also, I had great plans to try a new recipe and make some teriyaki meatballs for lounging around the house today, and apparently they were great this morning when Sara got home, but by the time we got up in the afternoon apparently the crockpot wasn’t set right and they were burnt to a crisp. I still think they tasted kind of funny even this morning, but oh well…

El Dieto
It’s going ok … just ok. I’ve been holding off with hopes of being able to post about breaking my all-time low scale reading, but it still hasn’t happened yet. Granted, I’ve pretty much been slacking off since the holiday weekend started, so I don’t really have anyone to blame but myself … it’s just that I was doing so good there for a moment! I didn’t slip at all while we were on vacation and found myself right on the 213/214 line last week and the week before, but now I’m jumping between 214 & 216 again. For the record, 212 was my all-time low the last time I tried dieting, so I’ve told myself that there will be a little celebration when I break 210 … whenever that is.

Like I said, the weekend was pretty much a bust so not much to report here. I sorta set myself a goal of where I wanted to be with writing before we go to New York in June, but seeing as that’s about a week and a half away, I don’t really know how feasible it is anymore. I really need to do some writing tomorrow, but then again, arguably I could be writing columns instead of writing this post!

Wedding Planning
It’s going…

But honestly, there are parts that I like and parts that I don’t like. I think the hard part for me right now is finding the site itself, and granted, Sara’s pretty much doing all of the research and finding the places – I’m simply looking over what she’s found, going with her to the walkthroughs, and so forth. She’s really been the driving force with that effort, but I think what just gets to me is all of the pressure that comes from this decision – the date can’t be set until we pick a place, and everything we look at is mad busy even a year and a half out so we need to make a decision, like, yesterday; and bigger yet, the BUDGET is completely dependent on where we go with because the reception is by far the most expensive thing. Of course, this is a touchy spot just because I have no idea how we’re going to pay for all of it, and we’re trying to brainstorm creative ways to save wherever we can because although the last thing we want to do is limit our guest list, I honestly and sadly don’t see many other options. 🙁

And of course, then there’s learning after the fact who we can and can’t talk wedding planning stuff with because they think the money being budgeted is just insane. I’m going to stop here because I don’t want to get all worked up over it again, but A) the beach wedding we’re planning is going to be more expensive – period, and B) there have been weddings just as grand and expensive in Northern Michigan as what we’re planning, so it’s not as crazy as you think.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still crazy, but I digress…

Coming Soon
Anyways, that’s my crazy life in a nutshell, as of this point, anyways. Tomorrow we’re going to look at – you guessed it – more reception sites after work, which means that I really should be in bed by now. Hopefully some day this week we’ll be able to get Sara’s fish tank back up and running, as we picked up new gravel and whatnots for it yesterday but didn’t get it completely cleaned just yet. Meg, expect happy fish pictures … eventually. Friday we may go over to Disney because after that our passes with fall under the summer blackout dates and we won’t be able to go back until mid-August, although with the way things are going thus far I don’t know if I’m going to want to do anything but sit at home by Friday. Next week we fly up to New York mid-week for a wedding for one of Sara’s cousins or something, and also some R’n’R with her family. After that, well, we’ll get there when we get there…

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