Fox Makes Really Stupid Move in DVD Rental Market

March 27, 2009 10:37pm
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Fox to Remove Special Features From Rental DVDs

One thought – why???

Clearly it can’t save them any money, and will in fact no doubt cost more because now they have to have their facilities crank out two different copies of each disc – one for retail and one for the rental market. And they’re not saving cash by only kinda filling the actual discs.

Simply put – this is a ridiculous plan and after enough fan outrage / bad press / further declining sales as a result, whoever is to be blamed for this brilliant idea will get fired.

Or possibly promoted, if past experience is any guide… 🙁

And the funny part is, I doubt very many people actually even watch special features anymore – it’s just that this is going to generate bad press anyways because I’ll guarantee that they aren’t planning on cutting prices to make feature-less DVDs more affordable to the rental outlets to help “save” the rental industry!

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