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January 31, 2009 5:57pm
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If it’s not one thing…

Recycling still didn’t get picked up today – this is the second consecutive pickup that they missed, and I even called to complain about the last time. Our garbage & recycling pick-up is managed by the HOA, so I e-mailed the contact guy to find out who’s job it is to light a fire under somebody’s ass.

It’s another…

Checked my bank account this morning and found that the videographer from our wedding made an unauthorized charge for the balance of our payment to my credit card, which resulted in it bouncing because it was very close to the limit as it is. Our agreement was that we would make our final payment when we received the finished video, which we haven’t yet because neither of us have had time to do so. Called the bank to dispute the charge, who didn’t provide much help and told me to try to handle it directly with the guy before they did the whole legal thing. Sent off a very pissed off e-mail to the videographer basically asking, “WTF?!” … we’ll see what he says.

So, how’s your weekend going?!

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