Yesterday my wife, her sister, and I spent some time over at Epcot mostly getting absolutely drenched, but also partaking in another holiday activity that I’ve come to enjoy called the Candlelight Processional. It’s a live performance that they run 3x a night throughout the month of December, featuring celebrity narrators that, along with a choir of professional singers, cast members, and high school students as well as a professional orchestra and conductor, tells the story of the birth of Christ in a stellar presentation that even a not-so-religious guy like myself still enjoys quite a bit!

To date this was the 3rd time that we had gone – the other narrators being Kirk Cameron (of Growing Pains fame) and another whom I can’t for the life of me remember, but this year’s was extra special because we got to see none other than Neil Patrick Harris, who has been doing the show for years and is apparently also a big Disney fan! We both love him on How I Met Your Mother, so getting to see him narrate was an extra added twist that made the wet and soggy night all the more fun…

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