1. Sweet & Sour Meatballs – What can I say?  I’ve been dieting all year and haven’t had the guts to make up a crock pot full, but I miss ‘em soooo much…
  2. Meeting My Niece Madelyn – My little sister had a baby a few months ago, and so far she’s posted roughly 1,000,000 pictures, of which 99.9% of them are adorable.  Also, video!  Definitely looking forward to meeting her and holding her and not cleaning up baby vomit off of my shirt afterwards.
  3. I’ll Be Home For Christmas – Give or take a day, anyways!  We’ve actually traveling up north to see both families this year – hers in West Virginia and mine in Michigan.  Aside from my Grandma’s funeral a couple of years ago, it’ll be the first time I’ve been home for the holidays since … well, ever!  (I’ve lived in Florida for 8 years now…)
  4. Hitting the Road with My Wife – 2011 has been a very busy year and we haven’t spent nearly as much time together as we would like, so believe it or not, actually getting to see my wife is something that I’m really looking forward to on our 3,000 cross-country sleigh ride!
  5. Mom’s Santa Cookies – Well, I look forward to these every year, but really, who wouldn’t with a face like that???
  6. Putting Up Christmas Lights – Granted, I don’t have a clue as to how I’m going to do it yet because our rooftop is at least 15 feet tall and out of ladder range, but it’ll be our first Christmas in the new house, so it’s always fun to come up with new ways to decorate with lights!
  7. Giving to Charity – This is becoming a big part of my enjoyment of the holidays – already with the toy drive I ran a few days ago, and I’m also excited because Child’s Play added one of our local hospitals here in Tampa to donate toys and games to this year. ‘Tis the season to be sharing, Fred…
  8. Holiday Celebrations @ Disney – It’s probably no surprise that my favorite time of the year is also my favorite time to be around Disney World as well, so as usual any time that we get to spend around the parks and resorts this time of year is extra special!
  9. Relaxation – More so that most other things on this list, I guess I’m just looking forward to taking a break here once we hit that last week of the month!!! I’ve been working like crazy this year trying to get moving with this writing thing of mine, and not for nothing, but I could kinda use a vacation to recharge the old batteries!
  10. Snow – Just kidding – still not looking forward to this one even in the slightest…

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