Cleopatra the Vicious, Destroyer of Stuffed Animals

October 16, 2011 7:21pm
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On a lighter note … in puppy news, Cleo continues to eat us out of house and home!

Submitted for your consideration, exhibits A and B:

She’s kind of going through a phase right now where she doesn’t so much really play with anything as she does just try her best to tear it into little itty bitty pieces. As a result, our floor is almost constantly covered with the fluff of a thousand doggie toys gone south, to the point where we usually don’t even bother cleaning it up right away because she’s just going to tear apart another stuffed bear or ball or dinosaur to return the room back to its preferred state – at least in her eyes.

In fact, my wife has even noticed where she’ll get mad if you try to clean up her mess because I think she’s actually convinced that her toys are supposed to be scattered in pieces all across the floor! She hasn’t done this to me yet, although Sara tends to be a little more strict with her so may she just figures there’s no sense in arguing with a pushover like me when I’m just as likely to get her a treat once I’m done anyways…

Boy, is Christmastime going to be fun when we have to figure out how to put our tree up with her in the same room!

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