damage control gone wild!

So anyone who follows Penny Arcade or gaming news on the Internet is probably aware of the digital shit storm that Marketing Bro Paul Christoforo stirred up after one of his N-Control Avenger customers finally got tired of his piss-poor customer service tactics and pointed him in Mike’s direction.  It’s rapidly become the example of the year of how not to manage PR for a company, but now the makers of the controller originally designed to make it easier for handicapped kids to play games are doing all they can to distance themselves from Christoforo’s venomous reputation with a new PR guy who, after 4 days of raining hell-fire, clearly has his work cut out for him to resurrect the brand from a salted ground!

I’ve been following the story curiously throughout the week, so I found this reddit Ask Me Anything thread by Moisés Chiullan, the new guy, kind of fascinating…

The guy seems to have the right attitude and sounds like he’s moving in the right direction – it’s really just a matter of whether fans will be willing to isolate the poor service to Christoforo and give the rest of the company another chance without him.

On a related note, this is really funny!


In summary, folks – don’t be a dick.

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