Recently she’s had the unfortunate habit of standing in the bathroom and barking incessantly at the shower for the duration that someone is in it. We’ve got one of those glass showers so she should be able to see through, but admittedly it gets dirty and fogged up sometimes so I’ll do my best in good faith to wipe the glass clean … often times right in front of her face … to try and hint that it’s ok and I’m just on the other side of the glass.

Still, she barks like there’s no tomorrow, as if her beloved master is somehow trapped within this strange, translucent device.

And then it hit me…

What if Cleo thinks that the shower is a Gelatinous Cube and she’s just trying to protect me?!

To anyone unclear about what a “shower” actually is, from the outside the appearance is pretty darned close! Plus, in her favor whenever I cave in to her barking and open the door, the first thing she does is rush in after me – for all I know, maybe she’s trying to pull me free! I mean, I appreciate the self-less act of valor to the point where I can think of a few games where I wish someone in my own party had shown such bravery, but still, how high of an athletics score can a beagle have, anyways???

Wait – nevermind.

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