Dream Journal : I was an Airship Captain

A dragoon airship captain, apparently!

For whatever reason, I had returned back to the warehouse where I used to work growing up, though it was considerably bigger and more industrial than it ever was in real life. Everything seemed normal as I greeted and shook hands with the various folks that I used to work with, but eventually as we started walking around, I got the feeling that something suspicious was going on.

Leaving the warehouse itself, we walked into what looked more like a construction site just before the mob boss shows up to cap somebody – people were running around working frantically, forklifts zipping back and forth, and I saw that they were all carrying large boxes of invoices that were labeled for my previous employer. I asked my former boss/colleague what was going on here, and he nervously told me, “You don’t want to know…” before a forklift conveniently dropped a box, which spilled open and revealed (not sure how I knew this, but) a bunch of dirty invoices that the company was trying to cover up.

They were loading them into a huge safe, which would then be buried underground … but we never got to that part because that’s when things got a little weird!

The sky suddenly got dark and one of the workers randomly shouted out, “It’s too late – he’s here!” and in true video game fashion, the clouds swirled and this sinister-looking dude in a dark cape appeared in the courtyard. He was very tall and it was quite clear that everyone feared him. The couple of old colleagues that I was with stood paralyzed with fear, and yet oddly enough I alone was unaffected … because I recognized him, too.

He didn’t really have a name that I recall, but he was your typical RPG big, bad boss guy.

I turned to my former boss, who now was pale white as everyone watched this dark lord guy ravishing the place, setting things on fire, and causing general destruction, and simply told him, “Whatever you do, don’t move from this very spot. I’ll be right back…”

With that, I leaped into the air, and I mean leaped – probably a couple of hundred feet until I was clear out of view. I’m sure that it looked weird to everyone else, except that they were a bit preoccupied by the death and destruction surrounding them.

A few moments later, I kind of saw both perspectives at once – the chaos stopped in its tracks on the ground as a loud rumble filled the air, and even the big baddie turned and cursed as he saw a giant ship approaching fast from the distance; perspective #2 was in first person, as I stood at the helm of this incredible airship, commanding full steam ahead, I’m sure with some sort of bad ass sword or spear in my hand!

Coming ever closer to the fray, I ordered the crew to get in, get everyone on the ship as quickly as possible, and then get back in the air, and as the clouds swirled while the shrouded man rose up into the sky to meet me with a demonic laugh, I took a dive off the ship directly at him.

That’s when the battle music began and quite unfortunately, I also happened to wake up… 😛

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