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May 7, 2012 8:15pm
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My wife hasn’t really used her Nintendo DS in a while, so I thought I’d commandeer it and maybe pickup one of the myriad of RPGs that have apparently been made for it. Instead, she already had Scribblenauts in it, which I picked up for her last Christmas because it was on sale and looked kinda cute, and I’ve pretty much been playing that ever since!

I knew that the big draw was that you could create just about any object from real life in the game, but I didn’t realize just how awesome the parameter of any object could actually be! A couple of examples…

  • Playing one puzzle, I had two buttons that I had to hold down both at the same time. I tried creating a BRICK, but I had trouble getting it to balance right on the button. I needed something with a wider base, so instead I tried making a BEARwhich then proceeded to eat me! On my retry, I substituted my bear for something a bit less carnivorous and went with a COW, which stood there just as dumb and happy as can be and held the button down so that I could get my star. 🙂
  • Another fun puzzle, I had to help a farmer collect some flowers, but in the way were both an angry bee and then later a piranha in the river I had to cross. I first tried to play nice with the bee, thinking that if I gave it some HONEY, it would just let me pass … but no dice. Alright, bee – if that’s the way you want to play it … next I made a FLAMETHROWER and most definitely succeeded in killing the bee, but unfortunately I also managed to burn down the tree that its hive was in, not to mention the barn that the tree was standing next to … so, my bad.
  • When I finally got past the bee without resorting to arson, I knew that there weren’t many ways to skin a piranha, but I quickly found that dumping some POISON in the water managed to do the trick! One of the “achievements” that I got for completing that one was for Bio Terrorism, so at least I’ve got that going for me…
  • And lastly, my favorite of all was just in the free-play section because that’s when I discovered that you can even create dinosaurs in Scribblenauts, too! My first was obvious – a T-REX … and he proceeded to eat me. Then I made a STEGOSAURUS, thinking that I’d give my next T-REX somebody to play with other than me. He ate the stegosaurus and then proceeded to eat me. It was then that I realized I needed some sort of escape mechanism, and remembering his amusingly tiny arms, I crafted myself a ZEPPELIN and took it to the drop of the screen. From there I was free to make many, many T-Rexes, which surprisingly just sort of left each other alone, mostly feasting on whatever other random animals like KANGAROOS and SHARKS that I tossed in front of them just to see what would happen.

I haven’t quite figured out if there’s an easy way to take videos or screenshots of the things that you come up with, but it looks like I’ve still got a lot of goofing around to do!



Well played, Sir! Very well played, indeed…

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