The Hobbit Legos have hit the shelves!!!

I was pretty surprised to see new Lego sets for The Hobbit at Walmart the other night, so of course I couldn’t help but pick just one up for myself!

I’m not really sure whether I like the Lord of the Rings series or these new ones more just yet – I’ve only had a chance to get a couple of the LOTR sets so far, and I honestly haven’t even assembled the Weathertop set that my Mom got me for my birthday yet. Still, I’m sure we’re all thinking the same thing as we anticipate future Hobbit sets as part 2 of the movie appears on the horizon for next winter – are we eventually going to see a Lego set featuring the likes of SMAUG?!?!?!

These guys (rightfully so) pushed so hard with the Harry Potter franchise over the last couple of years, all this Tolkien fan can hope is that The One Ring gets an equal amount of brick love, assuming that the first movie doesn’t flop and all!

P.S. Is it weird that out of all the extra parts that I got with Riddles for the Ring, I actually got duplicates both of Sting – Bilbo’s famed sword – and also of The One Ring itself?! Oh, the Dark Lord would be mighty jealous, indeed… 😯

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