Thin Post : A 2Q12 Quarterly Statistical Review

So the last couple of months didn’t really turn out quite like I had hoped … actually, I was doing great up until June, but pretty much bombed out the last couple of weeks and gained back a little bit of the weight that I had lost. Then again, I suppose that’s also the driving force behind looking at the big picture like this because I ended up doing about 25% more cardio than I did last quarter… 

Total Weight Lost: 2.3 pounds (5% of total weight loss goal for 2012)

Total Days Exercised: 58 days (64% – 91 days total in April-June)

Average Days/Week Exercised: 4 days/week

Cardio (includes some elliptical, but mostly walking the dog at night)

  • Total Days of Cardio: 56 days (97% of total exercise days included cardio)
  • Total Cardio Time: 76 hours
  • Total Cardio Distance: 240.3 miles
  • Average Cardio Distance/Day: 4.3 miles/day
  • Max. Cardio Distance/Day: 6.6 miles (4/21/2012)

Strength Training (exclusively push-ups via 100 Push-Up Challenge)

  • Total Days of Strength Training: 5 days (9% of total exercise days included strength)
  • Total Push-Ups Completed: 320 push-ups
  • Average Push-Ups/Day: 64 push-ups/day
  • Max. Push-Ups/Day: 67 push-ups (4/10/2012)
Yoga / Balance Games (WiiFit)
  • Total Days of Yoga: 2 days (3% of total exercise days included yoga)
  • Total Yoga Time: 1.2 hours

Year-to-Date Stats

  • Total Weight Lost: 13.1 pounds (29% of total weight loss goal for 2012)
  • Total Days Exercised: 114 days (63% – 182 days total in January-June)
  • Total Cardio Time: 135 hours
  • Total Cardio Distance: 434.2 miles
  • Max. Cardio Distance/Day: 6.6 miles (4/21/2012)
  • Total Push-Ups Completed: 1,304 push-ups
  • Max. Push-Ups/Day: 80 push-ups (3/3/2012)

So where do we go from here???

Ultimately, I think that my progress was botched this quarter for two reasons – 1) lots of stress eating in the last couple of weeks, which isn’t really tracked anywhere here but I know was still a major issue; and 2) I had nowhere near the motivation for strength training that I had at the beginning of the year. The push-ups are kinda tough for me because while I can grab the dog’s leash and not really start to feel it until I’m miles away from my house, my arms start to burn from the push-ups after the first set … which I know is kinda the point, but it’s still harder for me to get motivated to do them in the first place because I’m at this point the negative vibes (a la pain) are still outweighing any positive vibes (a sense of accomplishment for actually doing push-ups, I suppose).

That said, clearly I have a lot of ground to make up if I’m going to lose 45 pounds in 2012, so here are my thoughts for the next three months…

  1. Get my diet in gear / stop bingeing and screwing up any progress I make through exercise by stress eating afterwards!
  2. Up my exercise average to 5 days/week, and start pushing myself a little harder either for longer walks or even longer distances in shorter times.
  3. More emphasis on yoga stuff via WiiFit in addition to cardio days.
  4. Rededicate myself to including strength training every other day, and actually complete the 100 Push-Up Challenge.
  5. Also add into the strength mix the 200 Sit-Up Challengeboth in an effort to ramp things up and also in hopes that targeting my belly will help some of that fat disappear quicker!

On one hand, I’ve still got a long ways to go, but half a year should give me time to at least make another sizable dent in this goal of mine. If my math serves me, losing 20 pounds in the next 3 months would put me just over the 50% mark for 2012, so we’ll see what happens…  😐

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