Thin Post : Appetite Subsiding, Weight Dropping…

So it’s been a little over a week now since I started my latest revival of weight loss efforts, and after my second weigh-in today, I’m officially down 3 pounds from the same time last week.

I’m honestly not really too excited at this point, I think because I’m technically just retreading pounds that I had already lost a few months ago last year. Once I get around the 10-pound range for this effort, I’ll feel a little better, but right now I’m just trying to stay focused on developing long-term habits because I know deep-down that I need to maintain the extra exercise for at least a solid 6 months to lose everything (likely more), and then after that hopefully my lifestyle in general will have changed enough that fear of putting it right back on won’t be as much of a worry anymore…

That said, I have noticed that since I started, my appetite has significantly been declining, to the point where I’m not nearly as antsy for late night snacks (and mid-day snacks, and…) as I was last month. I had a couple of days in the very beginning where I caught myself up munching in the middle of the night, but that’s pretty much gone away and freakishly enough, I’ve even had a day or two where I was concerned that maybe I hadn’t eaten quite enough calories that my body expects as a bare minimum!

Anyways, by my best guess, I’m attributing the change of appetite so far to:

  1. drinking LOTS of water – I started carrying one of those bigger, 33.8-oz bottles and I’m filling it 3x per day, which is about 12 glasses
  2. my wife cooking dinner on a nightly basis – I think I’m a lot less likely to snack when I know specifically what I’m eating for a given meal, rather than finding myself tasked with “What should I have for dinner???” and the same carries on over into lunch through leftovers … removing thought from this particular equation apparently isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

New year, new outlook, and feeling cautiously optimistic thus far, so we’ll see if the momentum continues in another week… 🙂

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