2013 Holiday Advent Blog – Day 15 – Interior Decorating, Part 1

Well, the tree is finally up!

Decorating has been going a bit slower than I would’ve liked it to this year and I’m still not entirely sure if lights are going to get put up outside, but at least last night I took a few hours and finally dug out the Christmas tree and got it setup so that Sara & I could decorate it when she got home. In my defense, I was going to do it the other day, but we had new couches being delivered on Friday and space was a premium that we couldn’t afford to have the delivery guys tripping over a tree for!

But it’s up, and I like it. Didn’t put nearly as many ornaments on it as we have in the past – there’s still a ton left in the box because we keep accumulating more and more new ones every year, but at least part of the motivation was that I wanted to try having the tree up without having Cleo’s deterrent shield in place because A) I hate how it takes away from the beauty of the tree, and B) with a kid on the way, next year’s Christmas is going to have lots and lots of presents that Cleo’s just going to have to learn to leave alone!

I tried to leave her some room so that she could still look out the window on the right when anything remotely interesting happens outside, so we’ll see how that goes… 😉


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