2013 Holiday Advent Blog – Day 9 – Jamming with the Disney Five

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One of the things that we’re trying to do more of this year is decorating inside the house … in addition to the actual Christmas tree and all! We’ve never really had much for interior decorations, but as I’ve mentioned in previous years, Sara and I really want our house to be one of those warm and cozy, all-encompassing holiday homes around this time of year, and as you’ll no doubt see in future posts, we kind of splurged a bit this year to get that ball a’rolling all the more!

I stumbled across these Disney figurines at Hallmark about a month ago and thought that they’d fit well in a home that’s both very much into Christmas and into Disney. They’re supposed to be an incentive to get you coming back every week to pick up the newest one throughout November, but honestly we got the first one during that initial visit and then went back and bought the other four all at once yesterday.

For what it’s worth, I tried to get them sooner, but apparently the store that I thought was a Hallmark store in the mall closest to home is actually an American Greetings store, which is a different thing, so they didn’t have them…  😳

Now admittedly I’ve only actually heard them play in the store while I was walking past the display … I haven’t had the guts to turn on the motion sensors on them yet because they’re likely to be playing night and day at that point, which we don’t need … but it is kind of cool how they’re setup to all play in sync if they’re near one another, so that’s neat!

The one exception that I have to this series is that they screwed up the fab five by including Daisy Duck here instead of Pluto!!! Who really cares about Daisy?! Was this some affirmative action thing to get another girl in the band??? Sure, we’ve already got a dog (kinda) with the likes of Goofy, but Pluto is someone special … sorry, Donald, but I guess what I’m saying is that I’d rather have you be alone so that Mickey can have both his girl and his dog play in the band.

Happy Holidays! 😛

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