Dream Journal : breaking and entering and showering and SOLD!

So apparently I broke into a house last night.

My wife and Cleo, too.

And Cleo’s puppies, because even though she’s been spayed in real life, somehow in this dream there were puppies at one point!

Anyways, we were in the market for a new house and came across one that was just perfect. It was huge, it was on the water, it had a big pool on the patio overlooking said water … very awesome.

What was weird was that we talked to somebody on the phone to setup a tour – a young-sounding guy, and yet when we showed up at the house itself, nobody was around. And I don’t recall the logic that took us to this next step, but for some reason we happened to find a door that was open, so for whatever reason we decided to stick our heads in for a little peek…

…followed shortly thereafter by the rest of our bodies…

…and the puppies, too.

So of course, after falling in love with the house from the inside, and apparently somewhat making ourselves at home, the owners showed up and they were none too happy to find strangers walking around inside when they arrived! It seemed that their son had arranged the tour and then just forgot, as teenagers tend to do, though that certainly didn’t justify the whole breaking and entering-thing on our part.

We scrambled to collect our belongings … I was missing a shoe and the family seemed to have dozens of pairs of shoes that were almost like mine, and Sara was taking a shower … who takes a shower when they go to tour a house to buy?! We also had a whole slew of puppies to round up, both indoors and out, during which time I also took the opportunity to meet a couple of the neighbors!

They had said that the family had only lived there for a year and were looking to move already because the husband had to move for work, so our chances of getting the place for a really good price were pretty high…

Anyways, as we finally were ready to leave, I started to chat with the woman of the house, profusely apologizing for our incident and telling her how much we really loved the house if they were to still consider selling it to us. She was pretty angry about the whole ordeal, and yet ironically also turned out to be quite the fan of my writing, and so when I mentioned that I’d be happy to autograph a copy of my latest book for her, the tides turned and she said that she’d consider our offer after all.

The dream closed on my saying that if she sold us the house, I’d sign as many autographs as she wanted, though it faded on the vision of her literally delivering hundreds of cards for me to sign at Christmastime… 😯

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