Garden Updates – Holy Greenery, Batman!


Wow, what a couple of weeks can do!!!

I don’t know what in the world happened … maybe a combination of warmer weather and actual drainage and the ridiculous amount of rain we’ve been getting lately, but things are really starting to look up in Scott’s Little Garden™ again, especially for the cucumbers that’ve gone from almost dead to gigantic leaves in just a short few weeks!

I mean, seriously – look at the size of those things… 😯


Tomatoes aren’t doing too bad, either…


Now I still don’t have any actual vegetables at this point … I’m still trying to figure out how that’s all supposed to work because I think pollination is somehow involved and I’m a little curious just how feasible that’s going to be inside of our pool cage. I mean, we leave one of the doors open 24×7 for Cleo’s needs anyways and lord knows I’ve found plenty of dragonflies that find their way in, but die trying to find their way back out … but we’ll see. That said, the cucumber plant is flowering, and from some of the pictures that I saw online this little spiky thing behind the flower may very well be a baby cucumber, so fingers crossed!


P.S. I was also kind of amused by seeing how active the tendrils are on the cucumber plant – I honestly put those trellises in the pots not really knowing how the plants were actually going to use them, or if I somehow needed to tie the plants to them as they grew taller, but sure enough, those little vines have sought out that iron frame for support like it was second nature and if anything, I’m starting to wonder if maybe I need something a lot taller for them to actually climb up!

It’s not a very good picture, but I still thought it was cool to see these things in action close-up so I wanted to share… 😉


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