2014 Holiday Advent Blog – Day 7 – So Much to Do, So Little Time…

love Christmastime, but I won’t pretend to admit that it’s not easy to get more than a wee bit stressed trying to fit everything in during the precious few weeks leading up to the big day itself. It’s only natural – there’s just so much awesomeness crammed into this one holiday, who wouldn’t want to try to fit as much of it in as humanly possible?!

Here’s what my own list is looking like at this point…

  • finish putting up lights outside (almost done)
  • finish putting up tree and decorations inside (about half done)
  • get a haircut (…and get a real job – clean your act up, and don’t be a slob…)
  • find a new shirt to wear for family Christmas pictures
  • get family Christmas pictures taken
  • mail out cards featuring family Christmas pictures
  • call about boarding for the dog for overnight trip to Disney
  • go to Disney and have an awesome time celebrating the holidays with family
  • finish Christmas shopping (barely started)
  • bake cookies and Chex Mix and other stuff the doctor says I need to lay off of
  • clean up the house (yeah, right…)

How is it only the first week of December and I’m already feeling hopelessly behind with all of this?! Oh, I know – because there’s only two and a half weeks left until Christmas!!! 😯


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