Dream Journal : Best Hotel Room Ever

I’ve had this one to varying extents a couple of different times now…

Apparently I was traveling for business – North Carolina, for some strange reason. Work had needed me to go unexpectedly, so I told them that I wanted to bring my family with me and they obliged … with pretty much the awesomest hotel room ever!

It was honestly more like a house than a hotel suite – it had a number of different rooms, bedrooms, etc…, and a separate area that was more than just a simple desk set aside for an office area. Kind of the coolest part was how open it all was – very high ceilings and arches, all made of stone, and it was setup as sort of a loft in the center of the hotel in that while the main living area was concealed, if you were to walk through one of the archways you found yourself on a rather regal, private staircase with other hallways and staircases nearby where the rest of the hotel guests could walk – just ours happened to be roped off so as to be off-limits to the other guests.

Following the staircase took us down to a private entrance into the dining room, which was very fancy and made me feel incredibly underdressed. My parents had shown up and I was giving them a bit of a tour, and my Dad helped himself to a glass of water, but because we were the special guests, the staff said nothing.

Back in the room itself, my dream ended with me trying to take a picture of a care package that the staff had left for me – an assortment of chocolates that featured several different types of pumpkin chocolate, which I was trying to tweet because I thought that it was awesome how well they knew me!

The closest thing in real life I can relate is some of the larger DVC rooms over at Disney – the first 1-bedroom room Sara and I stayed in for an anniversary, we counted something like 13 internal doors inside the room itself, between closets and laundry, bathroom, bedroom, etc…! Next week we’re staying in a 2-bedroom room to celebrate Christmas over at Disney with my sister and her family, so we’ll see just how regal and awesome the door count ends up this time… 😉

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