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February 4, 2014 6:58pm
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I learned today that Chase is issuing new credit cards to cardholders who were potentially impacted by the recent Target breach.

All in all, a good practice – it’s nice to see a bank going the extra mile to help protect its customers, especially even because the breach was in no way their own fault.

Here’s how they could’ve done one better…

I came across this information this morning first by logging into my Chase Online account and seeing this message:


Well, for clarification – I found out after I called the 800 number because my first thought when I saw this message was, “Oh shit – somebody is trying to steal my credit card by requesting a new card for my account.” I knew that *I* hadn’t requested a new card, and even though the address listed online was still correct, I was still a bit concerned! But when I called in, the girl was very quick to inform that it was something that they were doing proactively because of the data breach and that everything was fine.


So then I just received this e-mail about an hour ago:


Makes all of the sense in the world and includes all of the pertinent details … looks good!

So what’s my one tiny critique???

Wait an extra day to push the button to start sending out new cards until after you send the e-mail out to tell your customers what you’re doing. 😐

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