The Old Apartment, Part 2

November 18, 2014 11:01pm
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  • The Cleanliness: Taken roughly six months after the last photo was taken, I think this is probably the cleanest that you would’ve ever seen my apartment. Circa spring 2005, I’m pretty sure I was getting ready to go on a trip or something – no idea how it got this clean, but I assure you it didn’t last.
  • Snoopy Blanket on the Couch: My god, I’ve had that thing forever and I love it so much. It hardly has any warming properties left to it – my Mom had stitched it up and stuffed some filling in it before sending it down to me, but it’s a bundle of childhood and probably my favorite blanket ever. Sadly, in 2014 it remains folded on a shelf in the closet because Cleo would just tear it to shreds…
  • Sprint Phone on the Counter: LOL – that was my first phone when data kind of started being an option with phones, although it still totally sucked. I think I could post MoBlog photos and e-mail posts to LiveJournal, and that was about it!
  • Patio Furniture: I got that FOR FREE up in Michigan – the warehouse where I worked rented some space out to a furniture store and they would constantly leave people’s old furniture that they had picked up by our dumpster, so when I saw this almost brand new table & chair set, I threw it in one of the work vans and drove it home after hours! It’s kind of sad because it started out as really nice furniture, but I kept it outside and the weather just ruined it over time. Sara even helped me cover it in plastic at my next apartment to give the table another year or two, but the chairs were pretty gross by the time I finally got rid of them.
  • Neon Dolphin???: No clue where I got that thing – maybe Walmart or something? I was kind of in a dolphin kick at the time, so they went into a lot of my decorating … you can also see a great white shark statuette on the other side of the door frame where the stairs were.
  • TINY OFFICE!!!: If my office in my Mom’s basement was big enough for me to fit a couch in comfortably, this thing was basically the size of a closet! There was almost no room on the floor around my chair and I had bookcases and crap piled everywhere, but for my first two years in Florida, that tiny room was where I spent an exceeding amount of my time in front of the computer!
  • Our Loser Friends, The Poster: I had those printed up after we finished the series and all three of us signed them so we each had one. Unfortunately, I didn’t take care of mine nearly as well as I did the signed money poster and it’s about ready to get thrown out because the ink is bleeding, but it was still a neat memory to carry around for a while. The two photos below the poster are ones I took in Michigan during the few months before I left – one is a waterfall in the Upper Peninsula, the other is a sand painting at the bottom of the campfire bowl done by the camping group I was a part of in scouts.
  • New Networking Stuffs: Apparently I had just bought a new router from Best Buy, too? I don’t know – I can’t remember everything… 😛

Also noteworthy:

  • I really loved that couch! The couch that you see there in the photo was totally my bachelor couch – I paid maybe $300 for it when I first got my apartment and within two years time the cushions were already starting to get a little gross after becoming coated with my hair gel over time, but I can’t tell you how many nights playing video games in that place I spent kicked back on that couch with no place better to be and no girlfriend to be there with anyways! Just like the TV, it lasted quite a long time until it got demoted to being an outdoor couch at our last house and from there, the weather and a hungry puppy got the best of it after many, many comfortable (to me) years.
  • I remember being particularly proud of the pillows that I found to match with that couch, too! 😀

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