Cookin’ Shrimps!


Look at those things – cooking like they’re supposed to and everything!

Tonight I found myself unexpectedly cooking shrimp – something that I’ve never actually done before and admittedly was more than a little unsure of how to do.

The unexpected part came about because I had bought a couple of bags of uncooked shrimp at the store Sunday night for a dinner that Sara was going to help me make later on in the week, but then today I realized that I hadn’t kept them frozen – only in the refrigerator, which the wife said meant that I really needed to do them tonight or else they were going to go bad.

Between you and me, I totally would’ve just thrown them back into the freezer despite there literally being a warning right on the bag itself about not doing that, but this ended up working out ok, too!

So after letting them sit in the marinade that we had for about 30 minutes, I realized that grilling and broiling them like the instructions said wasn’t really an option, so as a last resort I just dumped them all in a frying pan and let them cook until they were all pink and not-raw-looking, and low and behold, it worked!!! 😀

I ended up giving Christopher a few cut up for dinner and ate a ton more myself, and so far both of us are still alive, so apparently I know how to cook shrimp now.

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