Dream Journal : Biker Scott and the Really Weird Bridge

So I was riding around the state on my … wait for it … motorcycle?!

It was hard to tell whether I was in Florida or Michigan – it might’ve been Michigan in the summertime, though, because it was really nice out. I think it was a holiday weekend because lots of people were around and about, and I was getting frustrated with all of the traffic trying to get where I needed to go so I decided to take a detour off the highway through some little resort town.

The town was on the waterfront and had the most bizarre bridge imaginable, in that now that I’m trying to describe it in reality there’s no way that it would actually work! After sitting at a light on top of a giant hill, I rode down onto one end of the bridge while instantly opened up into like six or eight lanes all going in the same direction. It was a drawbridge, but they didn’t seem to stop traffic before the bridge started moving, so it was on the drivers on the bridge to slow down and wait until the gap was closed … or if it was close, they could just try to jump it! 😯

Anyways, that wasn’t even the weird part…

The weird part was that this particular bridge actually went in two different directions at the same time! It was shaped kind of like a sideways T, in that I came down off the hill and then could either drive straight (which bypassed the town) or turn right (which went into the heart of town).

Clearly it was very confusing to everyone because you had a lot of people driving diagonally across multiple lanes to get where they were trying to go, and then you also had the jumpers who made a game out of not waiting for the drawbridge to drop back down on the one side!

Also, did I mention that there were walkers in addition to vehicular traffic on this bridge?!

So I ended up taking the more scenic route and decided to ride by the bay. On my way off the bridge, I ran into a guy and his family who I used to work at scout camp with … noted by him wearing one of the boisterous pink camp staff shirts that we used to wear way back in the day! They were very tired from all of the walking and were jealous of my wheels, but I slowed down and rode along with them to a small picnic area where we stopped and ate and talked about going swimming.

Never did find out where I was actually supposed to be going, or why I was riding a motorcycle to get there, but at least it was a nice day! 😉

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