So I’ve been doing a lot of pondering about my writing career as a whole and how do I quantify all of this suffering via keyboard over the weekend-ish, and one of the ideas that’s been kicking around inside of my head is that maybe it’s time for me to spruce this particular site up a bit to better highlight all of the writing everywhere that I’m presently doing.

Mind you, my first thought was that maybe I needed to create an all new site to give me a place to feature special content that feels like it belongs somewhere bigger than just my blog, and then I realized that I already have too many other dwindling sites that one more might not be the best idea at the time…

The whole point of this site is really supposed to be two-fold:

  1. MY BLOG, which is just me rambling on about whatever in that classic style that I came to know and love from LiveJournal, circa 2003
  2. A COOL HUB SITE, set to feature writing everywhere – as it happens – which right now pretty much consists of RSS feeds on the front page and that’s it…

The thing is, I don’t know exactly how in depth I want to make this change because I don’t want it to take up an exuberant amount of my time and there are actually certain parts of the site that I already like quite well. Still, this theme conglomerate that I’m running now was slapped together some 4 years ago, and it’s 2015 now and responsive design is all of the rage, and there’s a part of me that likes to think that for some of the prettier posts that I’m writing with photos and whatnot on the other sites, I should somehow be able to pull those in here to make this one look all swanky and awesome and more enticing to your random clicks to those other sites, too!


Anyways, I guess I need to start flipping through magazine themes and see if I can find anything that jumps out at me because that’s probably the direction that I should be looking. For what it’s worth, I really like the theme that I ended up with for Just Laugh and it didn’t cost me a fortune, so I’m definitely open to paying for themes if I can find one out of the box that fixes more problems for me than it creates.

It’s tricky because there’s a part of me that likes the simplicity of something like Medium and is intrigued by the idea of a site that’s more centric on the writing than other flashy stuff … BUT I also have books to promote and I do a lot of photo posts about Disney and whatnot, so in the end I don’t really think that a one-size fits all solution is going to work for me here. Not to mention the fact that it somehow needs to incorporate posts from all of these other sites like they were live on this one … I have a feeling that might be tricky and what I don’t want to do is start importing posts from all over the place just to have them populate on my hub site correctly.

This is by no means anywhere near my top priority, but as I try to get myself posting regularly everywhere in the second half of the year, I’d like to have something that can better showcase all of my thoughtful writings. 😀

We’ll see…

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