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November 23, 2015 9:08am
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antmanI didn’t really think I was going to like this one, but I suppose it wasn’t too bad.

It definitely felt like a second-rate Marvel movie, though – don’t get me wrong there…

I don’t know – I guess I have sort of mixed feelings about Ant-Man because on one hand, I do enjoy Paul Rudd even though it was odd to see him in not a straight-up comedy, but the character itself to me still feels kind of silly … even though I watched him do some awesome things there on the screen. Maybe I don’t get the switching back from big to small thing in rapid succession like he would do in the battles … I feel like I’m a little lost with his strength because sure, ants are strong, but it’s still relative and when he’s the size of an ant, isn’t 50x his strength still super small as well???

Maybe he’s switching back to normal size just long enough to punch and then going back, although I thought the suit just allowed him to change size, not give him added strength.

The other Marvel superheroes don’t make me have to think this much when I’m watching their movies!

Anyways, there were plenty of segments that were predictable, like when he has to go sub-atomic at the end, and for some reason looking at Evangeline Lilly made it feel like she was obviously wearing a wig for her character, which made it a little odd. Michael Douglas is always fun to see and this seemed like more of a unique role for him than the presidential characters that he’s somewhat iconic for playing.

I think my biggest disappointment was honestly in the tie-ins to the other Marvel movies because at the very beginning they did a good job of including Agent Carter and Howard Stark, then later making references to calling in The Avengers … I was expecting some decent cameos eventually, but instead the most we got was the Falcon, which was a neat little solo scene for him, but it would’ve been nice to see one or more of the tier one heroes even for just a quick appearance.

If anything, between this, the scene at the end of Avengers 2, and knowing the general theme of Captain America: Civil War, it makes me a little nervous that we’re going to see the collective group split into multiple teams of superheroes that don’t really pack the same punch as the original group and mostly serve to allow Marvel to kick out twice as many movies with this growing array of characters in the MCU.

But we’ll see. Ant-Man was more or less enjoyable, though I wouldn’t be eager to watch it over and over again like I have some of the classics.

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