movie thoughts … The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1

mockingjay1I guess you could say that I had conflicts with this movie…

In some ways it was exciting.

In some ways it was kind of scary.

And in some ways it was honestly just kind of boring.

I don’t know – I guess it was just a hard sell for me to understand why Katniss’s biggest contribution during this movie was essentially PR work when there’s an uprising happening around her, but even more so, it just seemed apathetic that this girl was still so torn between her boys with so many things bigger than that taking place!

Literally, at one point I almost shouted at the screen – “People are getting bombed – no one gives a shit about how your boyfriend is doing!!!”

The whole District 13 Bombing scene didn’t entirely make sense, either, despite scaring the crap out me and inspiring nightmares of claustrophobia for weeks. How big is District 13, anyways? Why don’t they just keep bombing until there’s nothing left, or use a radar to monitor the planes that jet Katniss to all of her TV commercial sites???

Something just doesn’t add up for me in this world where cameras are everywhere, yet at times the civilization on both sides are kind of technologically illiterate. Of course, I think that’s a thread that if you pick at it too much, the entire Hunger Games concept starts to unravel because as I’ve said in the past, the capital can conjure up virtual bears out of thin air in the arena but you can’t feed and clothe people out in the slums?!

Then again, maybe it’s one of those can vs. want to debates because I suppose we had holograms of musical guests featured in the last couple of years on awards shows but we can’t seem to nip our poverty problem in the bud, either!

And as for the whole Peeta Comes Back … and Then Goes Crazy scene at the end – I thought that was just plain stupid because out of all the hassle they went through to save that guy, not one person thought to hold Katniss back because maybe he’s not quite what he seems???

Thankfully this isn’t a real big franchise to me anyways so I’m not too invested in it to begin with – same as my last review, I enjoyed the first movie standalone for what it’s worth. As for the finale this fall, I guess we’ll see. 😕

Also, can we please stop with the multi-part movies for a while after this one is finally behind us?!?!?!

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