Dream Journal : Best View Ever

June 20, 2016 2:44pm
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I had rented out office space in a really cool tower downtown to work on my writing, and had just shown up to do some work, however as I was getting settled I noticed some other people gathering in the shared space nearby, gazing out the window, so I went to see what was going on…

The most breathtaking view could be seen out the floor to ceiling windows of the skyscraper – a luscious display of gigantic mountain tops with a blanket of green forests at their feet and the clearest blue skies overhead. I never really made the connection why we saw these images that weren’t at all local to our area, at least until I took another step closer.

In addition to these amazing windows, the building also featured an observation deck that overlooked the same view … two long and curving walkways extended out from each end of the floor and eventually came together to meet in the center where we could climb up to experience the even more expansive view that was now impressively immersive. I stared in wonder and even took a few photos for online bragging purposes later, until my ear caught one lady who seemed to be curating the area and was explaining everything that we were seeing.

It seemed that the incredibly realistic scenery that we were now almost surrounded by, despite our offices being 50 feet away, was actually computer-generated. We couldn’t wait around to see it because they specifically only changed it up at night to avoid giving away the illusion, but the entire viewing area was surrounded by this sort of IMAX dome projection screen – but way higher resolution – and this woman could program it to show whatever she wanted … luscious mountainscapes, endless oceans, even the moon!

Eventually we all walked back down the dual walkways and disappeared into our own personal offices to toil away at whatever it was that we did there. It sure seemed like a hell of a bragging right for having found the perfect office space to inspire my creativity, though, that’s for sure!!!

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