Dream Journal : Sirens’ Call

May 13, 2016 2:56pm
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We were vacationing at this really nice beach resort – the kind that boasted all sorts of activities along the beach like live music in the evenings and games and whatnot – so I was just lounging around enjoying listening to one of the acoustic guitar players when my ears perked up to hear another type of music that was playing further off in the distance…

Eventually the beach turned into a rocky area that was elevated up from the sand, but also very flat so that you could still walk on the rocks along the shore. There were a few people wandering off in this direction, though not nearly as many as on the beach itself, so I decided to do a little exploring and made my way along the rocks, the music – that of a saxophone player – growing louder as the other people grew fewer, until I was the only person left on this peninsula of rocks jutting out into the ocean, the source of the saxophone music nowhere to be found.

As the rocks seemed to transform into this series of caves, I pushed forward out of curiosity despite the feeling that it was getting more and more dangerous with every step. I soon found myself staring at sort of this puzzle within the rocks, almost like out of an Indiana Jones movie where much larger rocks now rolled back and forth, and you needed to time it just right to make it through the opening without getting crushed.

After waiting for a while and timing out the rocks, I finally decided to throw caution to the wind and went for it, ducking through the last opening to find myself in this bizarre cave that was made up very much like a house and just so happened to be filled with video games!

There I was greeted by three people that seemed nice enough, and they invited me to stay for a while and play some games because they didn’t get many visitors where they were. I browsed their gaming collection for a while that happened to span several walls until I noticed that all three of them were congregated in the kitchen … and something just didn’t feel quite right.

The three of them – a woman, a man, and a younger child – invited me to sit down for some food, but by then I was growing cautious and it quickly became clear that they knew this as well. It was when the youngest made reference of “having Chinese” the night before and witnessing the nearby pots that were filled with something not so much resembling chicken that my gut confirmed that these people were the real danger in this cave…

…because, in fact, they weren’t actually people at all!

I never did find out what they really were – I didn’t want to know – but seizing the opportunity, I first knocked the youngest one unconscious with a nearby pot and then struggled with the other two until I was able to subdue them and make my escape. Grabbing the towel that for some reason I had brought with me, I made my way back through the caves and along the beach until I returned quite frantically to the resort and tried to explain to my wife what had happened, though I think that she was even more confused at that point than I was!

We sat in sort of a ballroom area where other family was gathering for the next activity that we were going to do together, the whole time my eyes remained locked on the same door that I had come in, convinced that these things were chasing me and would eventually track me back to the resort. Admittedly I sort of freaked out when at one point I turned around to find that the ballroom had not just the one, but three open doors for my aliens to sneak through in their pursuit and I certainly couldn’t be watching all three of them at the same time.

For some reason, it was then that I pulled my wallet out of my back pocket and opened it up in shock to see that in my hasty retreat, I had somehow grabbed the wallet of one of their other victims instead of my own … meaning that they had all of my information at their fingertips, including my home address where I slept at night.

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