Updating The Lego Minifig Wall, Phase 3b

February 21, 2018 4:05pm
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For those of you just joining us, this is the 4th iteration of my Lego Collectible Minifig collection that began back in 2011! I’ve had to grow my method of storing these little guys several times along the way – here’s where we came from:

…and yet here we are, barely a year later, with 21 BASEPLATES FILLING UP A WALL!!!

That’s a total of 411 / 424 minifigs to date – I’m basically missing a handful of the Lego Batman 2 series, and then of course still Mr. Gold.

By my best estimate, that bottom row of empty baseplates can accommodate another 224 minifigs, which would be 14 complete series of 16 … which sounds like a lot until you consider that Lego has been putting out three series a year AND have been pushing 18 – 20 minifigs per series as of late.

Another 2-3 years from now if we haven’t moved into a new house, I could very well be staring at this same problem again, except that now I’m kind of running out of wall space to expand into!

I mean, technically I’ve got a little space there above the window that I could use, although the ordering would drive me nuts because there’s no way that I’m moving everything from the third row down to put them back in the right order! 😯

Adding another row beneath is out of the question because grabby kid hands would make short work of this collection if they got the chance…

Nonetheless, I’m pretty happy with how it looks for now. In a way, I hate to see it so open after previously my full collection was taking up every inch of free space, though given enough time that will slowly stop being a problem once again!

Come to think of it, I honestly don’t even know what I’d change with this display if/when we move to a bigger house because given the sheer size, there’s not really a better way to do it. I originally liked the idea of shadow boxes or cabinets for them all, but now it’d probably double or triple the space needed to move to a classier-looking system like that.

But at least I have enough space for the near future – sometimes that’s really all you can ask for, and I’m pretty excited for the next series – series 18 – as it’s celebrating Lego’s 40th anniversary with a birthday party full of unique costumes and characters to collect! 😉

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