I’ve found it interesting to watch how businesses have adapted to this virus, particularly in the shipping industry.

One of the frustrations has definitely been delayed shipping times from Amazon, I think because they’ve just spoiled and conditioned us to expect anything and everything on our doorsteps in two days or less! In fact, it’s to the point that it bugs me to order from another retailer like Walmart or Best Buy that doesn’t have the shipping network that Amazon has built out – 7 days can feel like a lifetime, even when you’re waiting for something that’s very much not essential!

So yesterday we placed a couple of orders with Amazon and the delivery dates were cast out as far as April 24, I think.

It’s a far cry from two-day shipping, but in light of people needing actual supplies, it’s not the end of the world and I fully support deprioritizing less important orders over household goods that folks truly need.

But then I started getting delivery updates where items were expected early next week, and the ones scheduled for Monday are somehow coming TODAY?!

I just think it’s neat to see how dynamic their shipping network has grown that they can still turn regular orders around quickly once the high priority ones have gone out the door. I hope Amazon, along with other retailers, is taking care of its employees because those guys are certainly going above and beyond to deliver during this disaster and it’s a truly impressive feat.

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