Coronavirus, Day 3 – Shopping Frenzy

March 18, 2020 1:14pm
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Yesterday was the first day I went to the grocery store since all of this started and it was like Target was liquidating their entire grocery section.

I kind of figured that water and toilet paper would be out, but this was entire aisles just empty.

At one point I watched a couple staring at one of the cooler cases that sit in the middle of the main aisles and I couldn’t help but imagine their dialogue, “Well, I guess we can eat these pre-made mashed potatoes for the next two weeks…”

My biggest concern at the moment is finding distilled water for my CPAP machine. I don’t have to have it, but I’ve had a sore throat and it helps at night. I was able to add a case of it for backup to our bottled water delivery, but that’s a few weeks away.

It’s all definitely surreal because I’ve never seen hurricane reactions this bad. And yet I get it – people are scared, and so they do whatever they think they can do to look out for their families.

I think it scares me more to read that gun sales are apparently through the roof, too. It makes me wonder if we’re going to fall to a place of robberies and looting if supplies aren’t readily available.

Yesterday I found a huge smear of dog shit on the back of my car parked in our driveway. No idea if it was just kids screwing around or if somebody has a beef with us.

The only one I would guess would be the HOA and I’m pretty sure they’re still just sending nasty letters!

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