Dream Journal : What Just Happened Here???

April 4, 2020 11:40am
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I woke up just after I threw a guy out the window.

I was in some sort of bad place. It wasn’t clear if it was a frat house or some sort of illegal business, but it seemed very shady as my friends and I were getting a tour because at one point the host said, “It would be very beneficial to us if the war in Iraq didn’t end…”

I had challenged the guy by saying, “What do you mean? It’s not like you have anybody there…” to which he replied simply by pointing at a large jug in the middle of the room, implying that it was the war that enabled him to make whatever was in that jug which in turn made him a lot of money.

So I threw it out the window in the face of a couple of very shocked frat/tour guys. Then I went a step further and threw one of the guys out the window behind it!

Then I told my friends that we really needed to go now.

Prior to this bizarre interaction, we had been leaving a school dance, which was particularly strange for me because somehow I had actually enjoyed it despite not taking a date myself. After a brief squabble with someone who was angry I didn’t ask them, we left and talked about getting food and going back to one of our houses to play video games before we all passed out.

Note: This last part was the only believable portion of the entire dream! 😉

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