Looking Back at 2020…

2020 was … kind of nuts!

The other night we watched Death to 2020 by Netflix, which is hilarious albeit a painful reminder of how just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse last year, they just kept on getting worse over and over again.

It’s a fun special to watch. My wife even loved it and she tries to steer clear of politics. We literally watched it on New Year’s Eve while we waited for midnight to roll around, which seemed like a fitting way to usher out a pretty awful year.

That said, deep down I know that it wasn’t entirely awful, so I wanted to take a minute just to reflect on some of the positive things that happened in 2020 as we move into the new year that, let’s be honest, might have more similarities to 2020 than we’re ready to deal with at this point… 😯

  • I spent the majority of the year working from home, which is by far my preference.
  • Christopher switched to a new school that he loves.
  • Matthew switched to homeschooling, which has given him a lot more of the one-on-one attention that he needs right now.
  • We finally got rid of the bamboo in our backyard!!!
  • Trump lost his re-election campaign.
  • I actually decorated for Christmas early enough for us to enjoy it all season this year!
  • Christopher lost a total of three teeth.
  • We started the legwork to refinance our house to help get our finances in order next year.
  • The kids all leveled up in swim class – both David and Christopher more than once.
  • I published a bunch of stuff that I’m pretty proud of.
  • We both were lucky enough to keep our jobs all year.
  • And last but certainly not least – none of us got sick with COVID-19.

Ultimately I think it’s safe to say that the last one is by far the most important, but in a way it’s refreshing to look back and also acknowledge that COVID wasn’t the only thing that happened last year. We survived, and we had some fun along the way, and celebrated some nice victories amid all of the chaos.

And that’s not bad for a year like 2020! 😉

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