Awkward Embraces

October 1, 2011 11:45pm
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I’m not entirely sure how I got here, but some late-night surfing brought me to this new (to me!) web series by Jessica Mills called Awkward Embraces, and after watching about half a dozen episodes pretty much back to back, I must admit that I kinda like it!

The creator kind of reminds me of Felicia Day, in that she also stars in the show as a socially awkward geek girl who’s constantly getting schooled by her friends around her, although the majority of Awkward Embraces actually takes place in “real life” instead of in game! It’s slightly less nerdy, given that it’s more focused on relationships than gaming, although I’m sure most Star Trek fans would argue that Jessica earns that point back rather easily by constantly bringing her obsession with Trek of all kinds to the forefront! It’s a pretty funny show, though, and apparently I’ve got two full seasons to catch up with before I’m current.

I think Felicia Day had produced four seasons already when I finally first discovered The Guild, which just continues to amaze me that there are all of these high quality, professional, but independent creators out there cranking programming that strongly rivals most of the crap that ends up on network TV these days. I mean, both The Guild and Awkward Embraces look great – and sometimes it’s hard to believe that these shows are being created by passionate teams of maybe a dozen instead of the hundreds that all have to come together for a traditional TV show.

Also funny that aside from a few random favorites, most of the new shows that I seem to get hooked on these days are born on the Internet! Go check out Awkward Embraces – you might find that you like it, too…

Trick the Bridesmaid, by Barack Obama

September 30, 2011 11:20pm
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This is great.

Requisition Me a Beat!

September 9, 2011 8:55pm
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Sometimes I wish that my humor columns had a funky beat for people to groove to while they’re reading…

Maybe some day.


August 7, 2011 12:26am
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(via Matt Mullenweg)

I enjoyed this short message because I’m definitely among the people who tend to smirk when confronted with half a dozen signs telling customers what they are and aren’t allowed to do in somebody’s store. The Subway nearest to me has a bunch – don’t use your cell phone, only one coupon per order, your rewards card must be registered in advance to use it, etc… and sometimes I can’t help but think that if I wasn’t as hungry, maybe I should go someplace that doesn’t lambaste me with orders when all I want is to pay them money in exchange for a sandwich.

Saturday = Video Day

July 16, 2011 2:11pm
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Bah – it’s one of those kinds of Saturdays … why don’t we just skip the prose-based formailties and watch some YouTube videos today instead?

Would you rather own … a house identical to the one from the movie UP (minus the flying)…

Or perhaps an actual turbine-powered bat mobile…

This one’s a little older, but Angry Birds + Dominos (the toy, not the pizza) = Very Cool!

And last but certainly not least, leave it to the Gregory Brothers to turn this cat lover into one of their catchiest auto-tuned songs to date…

P.S. America, Fuck Yeah!

July 13, 2011 9:01pm
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Also, it seems that they’ve finally released a new trailer for Captain America that actually makes it look like a decent action movie. I was gonna go see it anyways, but this certainly helps its cause because now I’m at least a little bit excited about it…

Legoland Florida Continues to Take Shape!

June 24, 2011 7:57pm
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Although admittedly I don’t think we’ll be going there all the time like we do with Disney World today, watching videos like this is getting me pretty excited to see how Legoland Florida is actually going to turn out…

Just seeing them haul those gigantic models off of the trucks, with each one taking up entire pallets a piece – MiniLand USA all by itself is going to be something to see when this place is finally done in only a few short months now! It also makes me wonder about some of the more operational questions that I guess I’ve never really even considered before. Namely, how do they keep all of the models clean??? I mean, Downtown Disney has a bunch of outdoor displays and theirs never really look dirty, or even all bleached out from constant exposure to the sun, for that matter. Maybe just like how Disney steam-cleans the streets in the Magic Kingdom every night, they also have people to hose down the LEGO models and keep them looking fresh, too!

As for the sun, I can only imagine that they have to keep extras on hand just in case something gets broken, or eventually to swap things out to account for general wear and tear. I would love to learn more about that kind of stuff if they have any sorts of behind the scenes tours once they open!

Here’s another neat, considerably longer video that LEGO themselves produced to give people an overview of what to expect out of the new park…

In particular, I love the slogan at the very end – “Legoland Florida is the park that you would build if you had fifty million bricks…”

Super Mario 3DS

June 9, 2011 1:06am
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This looks kinda cool, although the graphics pretty closely resemble what they’ve already been doing with the Super Mario Galaxy series, so I’m not really sure how “innovative” it is. Maybe it looks totally different in actual 3D on the DS?

Should be interesting to see what new sets they’ve got coming out to coincide with the movie release in a few weeks!

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