It has been billed as The Ultimate Superhero Movie, meant to put viewers in the middle of the action like never before … and that was certainly an understatement, to say the least!

It started out like any other Marvel movie – we watched as Galactus slowly gained powers while the Avengers muddled about … a little 3D here, a bit of audience interaction there … until one way or another, the audience itself found ourselves all gaining mild superpowers – mostly limited flight or something non-threatening like that…

The battle started in some sort of mall and was a lot like the Spider-Man ride over at Universal Studios where Spider-Man keeps warning the guests to stay out of the way because it’s too dangerous. We seemed to spend most of our time flying around the area, dodging projectiles and trying to get a better vantage point to view what was happening on top of shelves or buildings or whatever they were. It was after the Avengers themselves were nearly defeated by Galactus that things really took a turn for the worse and we saw the ultimate angle that the show had been boasting about.

Our audience watched in awe as the theater itself seemed to open up into a much larger area that combined the audiences of several theaters together while we watched Galactus himself grow to the size of a small building before turning his attention to us and causing the audiences to run and scatter. Balloons fell from the ceiling, which we were told to pop in search of power-ups that could help us to defeat Galactus, though it was tough to focus on them because the giant would randomly pop up from behind the buildings that had appeared for us to take shelter behind, glaring down at us menacingly as we did whatever we could to avoid his gaze.

Occasionally if we were lucky enough to make it up to a rooftop, we could see the likes of Iron Man and Thor and Captain America planning a new assault on our foe, though it always seemed to fall short as he just continued growing larger and more powerful still…

At one point I actually found myself crawling underneath one of the buildings to evade detection, as the buildings in real life seemed to be inflatable like the decorations people put outside of their houses for Halloween and Christmas. Making my way to the back of the stadium, I frantically saw a corridor in the rafters and flew up high to take shelter in what appeared to be a storage area where a couple of other audience members had already taken refuge.

It was then that we all watched through the cracks as Galactus gathered his power into a laser that fired from his head in all directions at once, pretty much taking out every superhero around him as he slowly stormed out of the building, though we were lucky to miss his death rays on account of being all cowardly and hiding and whatnot!

Eventually as he disappeared into the distance, several of us decided to follow just to see what would happen next, commenting how the technology that enabled what we were watching was neat, however due to how expansive the arena was we really had no idea what the actual plot of the story was at that point because we weren’t always able to keep our eyes and ears on the main heroes on account of all of the running that we did ourselves.

In fact, when we finally reached the next area where the heroes had planned to confront Galactus one more time, by the time we arrived the entire scheme was actually in motion and although it looked like maybe some of the audience members were enlisted to help, it was still hard to tell.

What we thought was the last confrontation took place on a rooftop that I was able to fly up to see just as Iron Man was finishing shrinking Galactus down to a normal size and disassembling him, thus stripping him of his powers … though one way or another, Galactus enjoyed one last laugh as the heroes were celebrating their victory by emitting his rays one last time – now weak enough not to injure, but instead to strip the audience of the mild superpowers that they had gained at the beginning of the show.

…of course, the main heroes were able to avoid this blast…

The dream ended with masses of us walking back to where we first starting watching this epic movie, discussing both the highs and the lows, with just about everyone agreeing that it was definitely cool, though we all needed to watch it again in a normal theater to actually be able to follow along with the story that we had just participated in ourselves! 😕

Dream Journal : Best View Ever

June 20, 2016 2:44pm
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I had rented out office space in a really cool tower downtown to work on my writing, and had just shown up to do some work, however as I was getting settled I noticed some other people gathering in the shared space nearby, gazing out the window, so I went to see what was going on…

The most breathtaking view could be seen out the floor to ceiling windows of the skyscraper – a luscious display of gigantic mountain tops with a blanket of green forests at their feet and the clearest blue skies overhead. I never really made the connection why we saw these images that weren’t at all local to our area, at least until I took another step closer.

In addition to these amazing windows, the building also featured an observation deck that overlooked the same view … two long and curving walkways extended out from each end of the floor and eventually came together to meet in the center where we could climb up to experience the even more expansive view that was now impressively immersive. I stared in wonder and even took a few photos for online bragging purposes later, until my ear caught one lady who seemed to be curating the area and was explaining everything that we were seeing.

It seemed that the incredibly realistic scenery that we were now almost surrounded by, despite our offices being 50 feet away, was actually computer-generated. We couldn’t wait around to see it because they specifically only changed it up at night to avoid giving away the illusion, but the entire viewing area was surrounded by this sort of IMAX dome projection screen – but way higher resolution – and this woman could program it to show whatever she wanted … luscious mountainscapes, endless oceans, even the moon!

Eventually we all walked back down the dual walkways and disappeared into our own personal offices to toil away at whatever it was that we did there. It sure seemed like a hell of a bragging right for having found the perfect office space to inspire my creativity, though, that’s for sure!!!

Dream Journal : The Inescapable Maze

June 7, 2016 8:30pm
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It all started with me working another year at scout camp … reluctantly.

It had seemed clear after the previous year that I didn’t really want to return, and yet there I was, with the pitiful paycheck compared to the real world to prove it. There were a couple of upsides, though – for one, somehow my veteran staff member status had attracted me a fair number of fans, many of who came bearing gifts for me when they first arrived at camp, so that was cool!

And also, I had significantly nicer accommodations than ever before, in that my room was comparable to a suite at a nicer hotel, and I didn’t even have a roommate to share it with, so definitely a step up from the tents and even later cabins that I’d called home while I worked there before.

That said, it was still a really weird experience because everything at the camp I had once known had been redesigned and moved, and nobody could produce a map … well, one guy did, but it was literally a map of the USA, but divided into boxes, with each box being a campsite or area or dining hall or whatever. So it was basically useless, and I spent a lot of time just wandering around, trying to find my dinner because they’d also changed how everybody ate – instead of the staff eating with the campers, all of them got to go first … and the food was buffet-style in another room which I never did end up locating.

I did find the dessert tables and treated myself to a small piece of chocolate cake, but I never got around to eating it because I wanted the rest of my dinner first.

So one day it was announced that the staff was going on a trip – a bit of a team building exercise – and so we all boarded this futuristic-looking train and rode for hours and hours until I eventually started to get the feeling that something didn’t feel quite right. It was almost as if the scenery off in the distance around us was on some sort of loop, like it didn’t really exist in the first place, but before I could question it they suddenly announced that we had arrived as we approached this city that looked like it was having some sort of celebration…

In fact, right as we were passing over this pond on our way to the terminal, or so we thought, we saw a rocket that looked a lot like a missile launching out of the water that appeared to be aiming straight for us. Instead, it just sort of hovered next to the train before exploding overhead in a bunch of fireworks, but it still felt wrong because by now the train had stopped entirely and our host was walking down the aisle, asking if we were ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

It was then that I noticed the significant restraint system built into each of the chairs that we were all sitting in, and for some reason as I looked down at the water below us, I got the instinct that we were about to get dropped into it, which terrified me as I scrambled to buckle my harness as most of the people around us did the same while our host just sort of laughed at everyone before finally saying, “Good luck…” and then, she was gone.

Or we were gone, possibly, because despite everyone buckling in, we all soon found ourselves underwater anyways, fighting for survival as the group was presented with a couple of different paths that we could take … none of them being back up towards the surface.

After about twenty of us or so made it down one corridor and were eventually able to surface, we found ourselves staring at a large, brick wall blocking our path until suddenly we heard a great cackling and a very large, red man appeared … who bore a striking resemblance to Mon*Star from the old 80’s cartoon, Silverhawks.


It soon became clear that he was our adversary in this bizarre “adventure,” as he laughed maniacally and then proceeded to explain how part of our group had already perished. It seems that one of the paths that we hadn’t taken did indeed appear to lead to the surface, but before you could get there you had to climb a large staircase. Mon*Star then waved his hand and the brick wall behind him showed the illusion of a staircase. At the top of this staircase, he explained, our friends would find a special cache of weapons to aid in their escape, however ultimately they wouldn’t matter because in the time that it took everyone to figure out how to use them, his minions would’ve ripped everyone to shreds.

Mon*Star then waved his hand again and the illusionary staircase became an open corridor, to which he beckoned us to proceed and said something ominous before disappearing in a cloud of smoke.

Eager to get away from the treacherous waters before they presented any new dangers, we all ran forward down the corridor much like herded cattle until we ended up in what was very much a giant maze. Almost systematically, it seemed that our group thinned out smaller and smaller with each turn. Somehow I got separated off from the rest and wandered for a bit inconsequentially on my own before I eventually reconnected with some people who were all streaming seemingly towards a dead-end at the end of the hall.

When one of my friends saw me dipping back into line, they discretely patted me on the back, which was when I noticed the wings that everyone was now wearing and saw that my friend had donated an extra pair to me.

The line soon took another dark turn when suddenly our foe appeared again, this time cackling from above as he threatened, “I see you found the wings, but do you know how to use them?! Better learn quickly…” 

Suddenly the floor beneath our feet began to smoke and catch fire, with screams erupting throughout the crowd as many soon found that flying was more difficult than they would have anticipated. I was one of the few who escaped to the next floor of the maze where we oddly enough found a bit of assistance in the form of our favorite superheroes, each of whom were able to lend their powers to one individual if you touched them. I first encountered The Hulk and envisioned smashing Mon*Star through the wall and ending this sick, little game of his, but then after careful thought I came across another hero – The Mighty Thor – who seemed even more beefed up than usual as he handed me Mjölnir and then also offered to take me to “someplace that I might find interesting…”

Eager to put the famed hammer to use for flight purposes because my own wings had since vanished, I followed Thor out the window that looked much like that of a castle … surprised that this level of the maze even had windows … and then found myself on a landing one level up where we looked out onto the clouds, with many other castles poking through the sky just like the one that we stood on. Thor then explained that each was a separate level of the maze, featuring things that people would recognize from popular culture. All of the towers were linked by the maze, as I would soon find that in fact the level beneath us that was previously his realm could now be revisited to discover the lair of Mon*Star himself…

The God of Thunder then disappeared without another hint and I proceeded to hover back down, determined to end this bizarre dream, however as I hid behind one of the columns in the large hallway, even holding the mighty hammer still in my hand, one look at Mon*Star as he came walking down the hallway with his goons convinced me that I didn’t have what it took to down the evil beast … at least not yet.

Unfortunately, several of my companions who had found their way to Mon*Star’s lair on their own didn’t feel the same lack of confidence and proceeded to blitz the red armored creature from their own hiding spots, which quickly became an ugly bloodbath that I knew even my own participation wouldn’t have changed. I did, however, see an opportunity to explore more of Mon*Star’s lair while the others kept him occupied, and slipping away down the hall past the fray, only to discover a lightly guarded warp zone that the boss man himself used to transport himself to the far reaches of his maze.

After quickly throwing Mjölnir to dispatch the guards that stood nearby, I jumped inside as soon as I heard Mon*Star screaming in victory and went off to explore the rest of the maze in search of a weakness that I could use against him.

Dream Journal : Bad, Badder, Worst

May 21, 2016 2:50pm
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For whatever reason I had returned to my hometown and was walking down the small street where I grew up when I saw my neighbor walking with a younger girl who was frantically approaching mailboxes randomly and removing the contents.

This seemed weird, but not enough to stop and ask what was going on until I reached my own and found that it was full of loose change piled around the other mail. As I was counting it, the two walked up and that’s when I noticed that what the girl was carrying was a large envelope filled with change, along with upon further inspection a traffic ticket or something that carried a pretty hefty fine … of which the girl had tried to pay with change.

As I asked her why in the world she’d tried to mail so much coinage and didn’t instead just go down to the police station to pay the fine directly, she hinted somewhat scared that she didn’t have any other choice and that she was the victim of some new people on the block paying a prank on her…

And it wasn’t long before I would find out exactly who those new pranksters were…

…because apparently they were a gang.

The thugs had taken up residence in the house kiddie-corner to my own, and soon two of them had come out into the street to see what the fuss was about, causing my change-toting neighbor to bolt and leave me to fend for myself. It started with some verbal harassment, along with noticing the graffiti that they’d done to colorfully change the name on the mailbox as well as a couple of signs in the front yard for a business we were running.

I don’t know why, but I guess I had a feeling that a fight was going to erupt anyways, so despite my nature I threw the first punch and knocked one of the thugs on the ground.

The second guy honestly never really did much of anything except watch and egg his buddy on, who thankfully (and surprisingly) wasn’t much of a match for me! Although we struggled for a while, I always managed to keep the upper hand but it never slipped my mind that eventually more of this guy’s buddies were going to show up and that was going to be the end of it for me…

That said, somehow the struggle subsided and we ended up arguing some more that devolved into these thugs negotiating their bribes that they expected from us to get them to just leave us and everyone else in the neighborhood alone. Now we were back in their house and their demands were ridiculous – they wanted me to pay for a solar system to get them off the grid at their house, and I said no.

I countered saying that I’d give them an XBox or Playstation if they’d just drop it and let it go, around which time someone much more senior – possibly a father figure – arrived and sort of chuckled at the exchange before he put the fear back into me and confirmed that there would be no bargaining.

To show this, he pulled out a box cutter and began cutting up a section of the carpet, as if to show that the alternative was just to kill me right then and there, and roll my body up in the carpet before disposing of it out of sight.

The old man’s counter to me was that I was going to help them sell drugs, and although I had no idea how that was going to work, at the time it sounded better than getting rolled up in the carpet.

* * * * * * * * * *

Flash forward, but back in time – I lived in a society that was heavily monitored by … someone.

I found myself in a small camp that very much just felt like a normal state park, except that there were cameras attached to some of the buildings and whatnot and we all knew that we were constantly being watched.

I was sitting at a picnic table with my family just enjoying everyone’s company, and spirits were generally upbeat until I for some reason had to go back inside for a minute. Ducking to the side of the building, I was trying to time the camera so that I could sneak in unseen when this guy walked by and, noting what I was doing, he mentioned that he sold tools that people like myself could use to avoid being detected by the powers that be…

I didn’t quite know what this meant, but he didn’t give me much time to figure it out because suddenly he had to leave in a hurry and eventually I just went back inside, cameras be damned.

There I found another family meticulously counting a pile of coins that had been dumped on the table, and shortly after I entered another of them came in – presumably returning home from work – and deposited more change for the family to get to work counting. As I helped them stack a few rows, I commented that it seemed weird that only coins and not bills had survived because bills were so much easier to carry and use … only to be countered by one of the older women who simply explained that they didn’t pay us enough to warrant using any larger denominations anyway … as she continued carefully counting out the pennies as if their food and shelter depended on it.

And then … word got to me that I was being pursued.

I quickly said my goodbyes and took off running long before they showed up, disappearing into a nearby field that was filled with that very tall, iconic wheat that made it very easy to hide in. A couple of men approached on horses, however they proved to be friends – one of them handing off their horse to me and pointing me in the best direction while they took off in the opposite to hopefully slow down my hunters.

Eventually making my way through the fields, I came to a small town on the water where I was able to momentarily relax, and in my quick explorations I found an enemy tank that had been left by the side of the road and happened to be remote controlled.

Needless to say, I had some fun with this, using the remote to send the tank tearing off down the road until it accidentally got derailed on a bridge and just sort of stuck there blocking foot traffic.

That’s when they showed up again, and I was able to duck underneath a rail bridge just before it crossed a large body of water between two countries – myself running one way undetected while my pursuers could be seen through the slats above rapidly running the other way looking for me. I knew that all I had to do was get to the other side and somehow I would be safe, but with the bridge above me covered with troopers, that was going to involve a lot of swimming.

* * * * * * * * * *

And then in a very much unrelated tale, we were at Disneyland with Cleo trying to get around a parade route and somehow she ran off following one of the floats and ended up getting hit. A worker brought her back to us, pointing out that she had broken her back leg, and we were left trying to figure out what to do about it.

Dream Journal : Sirens’ Call

May 13, 2016 2:56pm
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We were vacationing at this really nice beach resort – the kind that boasted all sorts of activities along the beach like live music in the evenings and games and whatnot – so I was just lounging around enjoying listening to one of the acoustic guitar players when my ears perked up to hear another type of music that was playing further off in the distance…

Eventually the beach turned into a rocky area that was elevated up from the sand, but also very flat so that you could still walk on the rocks along the shore. There were a few people wandering off in this direction, though not nearly as many as on the beach itself, so I decided to do a little exploring and made my way along the rocks, the music – that of a saxophone player – growing louder as the other people grew fewer, until I was the only person left on this peninsula of rocks jutting out into the ocean, the source of the saxophone music nowhere to be found.

As the rocks seemed to transform into this series of caves, I pushed forward out of curiosity despite the feeling that it was getting more and more dangerous with every step. I soon found myself staring at sort of this puzzle within the rocks, almost like out of an Indiana Jones movie where much larger rocks now rolled back and forth, and you needed to time it just right to make it through the opening without getting crushed.

After waiting for a while and timing out the rocks, I finally decided to throw caution to the wind and went for it, ducking through the last opening to find myself in this bizarre cave that was made up very much like a house and just so happened to be filled with video games!

There I was greeted by three people that seemed nice enough, and they invited me to stay for a while and play some games because they didn’t get many visitors where they were. I browsed their gaming collection for a while that happened to span several walls until I noticed that all three of them were congregated in the kitchen … and something just didn’t feel quite right.

The three of them – a woman, a man, and a younger child – invited me to sit down for some food, but by then I was growing cautious and it quickly became clear that they knew this as well. It was when the youngest made reference of “having Chinese” the night before and witnessing the nearby pots that were filled with something not so much resembling chicken that my gut confirmed that these people were the real danger in this cave…

…because, in fact, they weren’t actually people at all!

I never did find out what they really were – I didn’t want to know – but seizing the opportunity, I first knocked the youngest one unconscious with a nearby pot and then struggled with the other two until I was able to subdue them and make my escape. Grabbing the towel that for some reason I had brought with me, I made my way back through the caves and along the beach until I returned quite frantically to the resort and tried to explain to my wife what had happened, though I think that she was even more confused at that point than I was!

We sat in sort of a ballroom area where other family was gathering for the next activity that we were going to do together, the whole time my eyes remained locked on the same door that I had come in, convinced that these things were chasing me and would eventually track me back to the resort. Admittedly I sort of freaked out when at one point I turned around to find that the ballroom had not just the one, but three open doors for my aliens to sneak through in their pursuit and I certainly couldn’t be watching all three of them at the same time.

For some reason, it was then that I pulled my wallet out of my back pocket and opened it up in shock to see that in my hasty retreat, I had somehow grabbed the wallet of one of their other victims instead of my own … meaning that they had all of my information at their fingertips, including my home address where I slept at night.

Dream Journal : Dude, Where’s My Jacket?!

March 9, 2016 3:53pm
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I had ran into someone at the grocery store, and we chatted for a while as he made his way back over to his wife which was coincidentally the same direction that I was going. In route, I was distracted by a table where I had left my nice, leather jacket that was now conspicuously empty, and this made me genuinely upset!

I first got into a shouting match with the nearby checkout clerk who said that somebody had taken it, and when pressed as to why she had let them, she asked why *I* had left it there in the first place … which was also odd because additionally I had with me a laptop that I had deemed valuable enough to keep in my cart, but not this strange, leather jacket…

Eventually I got tired of yelling and she pointed to a group of guys in the parking lot playing football, saying that they had taken it and I should take up my issue with them.

This I tried, but oddly enough I could never quite catch up with them as they were running around in between cars. Plus, it was winter and there was snow on the ground, so it was really, really cold.

My continuing search for this special jacket then took me to a local video game store that was apparently one of the coolest stores ever – retro stuff galore, to the point where I actually pulled out my cell phone and was tweeting pictures of their stock as a temporary reprieve from my jacket-oriented quest.

At one point I even ran into James Rolfe who was stocking shelves there … I asked him where I could find their NES games and then we both went our separate ways…

Ultimately a manager of the store came by and inquired about my missing jacket, and I explained that because it was somehow a gaming-related jacket (it had a Playstation logo, I guess?), I wanted to see if the alleged thieves had tried to hock the thing already and maybe by some miracle she would have it in the back.

She ended up having a similar jacket, but not my jacket.

I’m sharing this story not because it was particularly interesting to me after I woke up, but more so because this was a dream that throughout it was somewhat disturbing to me, leaving me to wonder if there’s any real correlation between the quality of one’s dreams and the quality of their sleep.

I don’t know the answer to this – I did find one article that said to encourage happier dreams, one should “remove stress from their lives” … easier said than done! Not to mention that this was such a random dream to begin with – it wasn’t like reliving a bad experience through a dream and feeling those same emotions all over again.

If only there was some definitive book that could tell us The Meaning of Dreams… 😉

Dream Journal : I Bought a House…?

February 26, 2016 3:04pm
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Similar to many other dream house dreams, this particular house was equally huge – my latest count was upwards of six floors that seemed to keep growing and growing with each subsequent exploration up and down the maze of staircases that began off the main foyer. Throughout the course of my dream, I discovered the following:

  • an incredible main living room with a 15+ foot Christmas tree and a giant wall that would be perfect for a flatscreen TV
  • multiple master bedrooms, to the point where it became difficult to determine which one was actually supposed to be ours
  • an awesomely secluded forest-view that was highlighted by the fun fact that it also overlooked a waterfall!
  • an indoor garage/workshop space in the basement – not for cars, but tons of tools, etc…
  • a great space on the other side of the basement to setup as a playroom, complete with a ball pit!
  • a home office, which admittedly was one of the least glamorous rooms because it was stuck in a corner of the basement like a dungeon
  • a neat grouping of kid bedrooms that all fed off a smaller living space perfect for video games, teenage lounging, etc…
  • a freaking sauna!
  • an exercise room … which was kind of weird in that the sauna had signs saying both rooms couldn’t be used at the same time (???)
  • so many stairs that I lost count of how many gates we were going to have to buy to contain Christopher!

The only downside was that towards the end of the dream, it bounced from having purchased / going to purchase / going to rent, with the renting scenario getting even uglier when it was rumored that this particular house was owned by our horrible landlord that ultimately led us to leaving to buy our first home. Mind you, he never actually made an appearance in the dream – thank god – but the rumor didn’t bode well nonetheless!

The dream started with having bought and deciding where to put things and ended with stepping to the side as another couple appeared to tour the same house in some bizarre, reality show fashion. And she was laying it on real thick for the cameras, too, which was weird because she had these super strange nipple piercings that were clearly visible to the world and I couldn’t imagine how they could show that on television… 😕

Unfortunately I woke up before learning whether or not we actually got the place, which is too bad because strangely I think that sauna was the most appealing room to me of all.

Dream Journal : Escape From Toyland…

December 24, 2015 1:43pm
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It started off as a random vacation to an exotic place … Africa, I think.

We had spent the day out viewing wildlife in the desert or something, and were on our way back to the resort where we were staying. The resort itself was isolated from the rest of the country with armed guards and a large, intimidating entry point, which for the time being we all thought was a good thing.

Back inside, I had wanted to try and upload a few pictures of the lions and other scenery that I’d just seen, but instead we found ourselves wandering around this area where everything was made out of Legos – from the trees to the benches, everything – yet something didn’t feel quite right.

It was when I took a closer look and noticed that they weren’t actually Legos, but some weird knock-off that I decided to do a little digging…

Wandering away from the group, I entered one of the buildings and quickly deduced that I wasn’t supposed to be there because it was filled with very nondescript hallways and secret passages. As I made my way deeper into the complex, I overheard some of our guides talking about our group and mentioning that “it was about time to turn us” … and a couple of rooms later I discovered what that actually meant when I walked in on another group of visitors being turned into toys.

Some were life-sized versions of themselves, but in toy-form, while others started at that point and then were quickly broken down into bricks to be used for building the mock Legoland that we’d previously been exploring.

At that point I ran and eventually found my way back to the others to try and warn them, but at the same time we were being led into another area where the transformation was to take place. I was able to break away with a couple of my closer friends, though we were heavily pursued as I ran through the secret hallways that connected the toy areas until one guy finally discovered this strange, artificial land that looked like it might be able to transport us out of there and back home.

This new area was kind of like an interactive encyclopedia, and pulling up a random area we disappeared from the complex and went deeper into the program, though later he explained that we’d never really left and were just hidden from discovery the whole time we were gone. Eventually the program itself slipped apart – we thought we had been discovered, but instead we were back at the very entrance to the resort and at that point we’d thought we could make a clean getaway…

The way we’d originally gotten into this trip was by winning a prize, however this was where we learned that winning wasn’t exactly the right word to describe it. Up on a giant, digital board were dozens of names – ours included, but also some very famous ones – and we watched as it began to spin to calculate who would be the next to win trips to the resort.

At first we thought we were in the clear because all of these other names had filled the list instead of ours, yet what we didn’t realize was that the wealthy people were able to buy special favors to swap their own names out with other people’s and so one by one we then watched them subsequently disappear back off of the list as they got replaced once again with our own.

Realizing that the system knew we’d escaped and that someone would soon be coming for us, the two of us that were on the list tried to run again and quickly got split up. I was about to run back into Toyland to evade my pursuers when he suddenly reappeared, though something didn’t seem right. It was then that he slipped and crashed to the floor in a pile of bricks – whether they’d sent a toy clone of him after me or they’d actually gotten to him already and changed him, I wasn’t sure.

The dream ended with me changing myself into a box of cereal to escape, with pieces flying everywhere that I knew they’d never be able to collect all of to reassemble me…

Dream Journal : The Last Astronaut

December 5, 2015 7:29pm
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It started off like just some sort of adult space camp, if you will – a group of about nine of us got to go up for two launches, we’d fly around in space for a bit, and then come back down … no biggie.

I was surprisingly comfortable with the whole excursion, presumably because a lot of the adventure simply consisted of sleep – we’d takeoff from Earth, fly around a bit once we settled in orbit, and then the next bit was somewhat of a blur as we’d fall asleep for a while and then wake up ready to come back home. One time before this part happened, I recall being slightly concerned about not waking up and how dangerous what we were doing really was, but soon I was out and that was that…

It wasn’t until our group got called back for another run that I learned that something was up.

It turned out that the world was in peril of … something … and we had been tasked to do … something … in order to save the world. There were still nine of us total, each with a particular reason why we had been chosen that wasn’t shared with the others.

When it was finally time for us to go, I accidentally stalled the rest of the group because I wanted a glass of orange juice – which the rest had been enjoying before boarding – but there weren’t anymore clean glasses, which was apparently really important because we had all been sterilized to go out into space, so there was a good bit of scrambling trying to find me a clean glass so that we could go. At one point the captain stood at the door to the spacecraft and shouted, “I’ll go buy him one my goddamn self!” and shortly thereafter, I had my glass and was good to go… 😕

The “sleeping” that we had endured in our previous trials was actually a test to make sure that we could survive the hypersleep required to get us to the alien world which we were traveling to – they didn’t tell us how far away it was, which I figured is never a good sign if they won’t even tell you.

By the time we awoke much, much later, we were quickly being deployed to a planet that looked remarkably like ours … because it was ours, only several hundred years in the past.

Strangely there was nobody to be found as we toured abandoned structures that looked a lot like modern shopping malls that we know today. They were a bizarre mix of modern and thick jungle, and eventually we stumbled upon this puzzle that we identified as what we had traveled all that way to solve. Nothing seemed to make much sense as we moved pieces around and placed different objects on the small altar made of stone, until one of our group was able to playback this weird, 3D rendering from the past that depicted another group like ours trying to solve the same puzzle.

What was different was that this group was very much alien, and each time that they failed, a giant ship would appear in the sky and scoop them all back up just before the world went dark, almost as if these visitors were also trying to save the world and were being evacuated just prior to the destruction setting in…

We hadn’t really thought about how we were all getting back home up until that point.

It was in watching these aliens work that we realized somehow we were off a year in when we had landed to solve the puzzle, and somehow we were able to hop back in time to find that now our offerings on the altar were at least getting a response out of the puzzle whereas before it had just remained silent.

We tried placing a couple of random things we found lying around like rocks and sticks, treating it as if it was some sort of attenuator that just needed a certain weight to trigger what it was looking for. Inexplicably, I had been carrying with me this strange, black anamorphic goo that seemed to react badly to anyone but myself – I tried placing it on the altar, but whenever I tried to back away, it turned into this really nasty bug/scorpion-thing and tried to attack anything near it, so we eventually gave up on that idea.

As everyone split up to scour the mall for items to try in the altar, I found myself in this Disney store that featured all sorts of statuettes from the movies, which didn’t really fit with the times but I wasn’t questioning in this bizarre world at that point. We all came back with armloads of things to try, all of which failed as the clock ticked closer and we kept trying to watch the 3D alien playback for more clues.

It wasn’t until I noticed something that no one else had in the video that I had a sinking feeling of how the puzzle was to be solved.

It was an altar, and altars require a sacrifice.

Somehow it wanted the strange, black goo that I carried with me, but with it only favoring me, I was going to have to stay behind to keep in under control in order for the puzzle to complete.

The dream faded out on this unexpected notion that whether the rest of the group with me could make it back themselves or not, I was going to have to stay behind to save whatever was left of my friends and family back home on modern day Earth.

Dream Journal : Escaping a War Zone

November 23, 2015 2:05pm
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It started with a plane crash that should’ve killed me, but didn’t.

I was on a work trip when the passenger jet that we were flying basically started falling apart, and the next thing I knew we were looking out the side of the plane that was no longer plane as the ground around us was rapidly approaching.

I have no idea how I survived, but a lot of people actually did. We were all sitting around the wreckage of this jumbo jet trying to make sense of it when I noticed that my phone was still intact and I was receiving frantic messages from a co-worker about what had happened. The news was talking about a plane being shot down over Afghanistan and how there were no survivors, even though it had literally just happened … after piecing a few things together quickly on the phone, I told her that they couldn’t tell anyone that we’d survived and turned my phone to silent before we started to run…

The group was already much smaller as we found ourselves hiding in the middle of a war torn city, suddenly painfully aware that we’d crashed in pretty much the worst possible place ever as we saw men carrying machine guns walking the streets nearby, though so far it didn’t seem that they were aware of our presence … yet. At the moment at least we were more or less invisible amid this chaos, whereas we knew that if they realized there were survivors we would quickly become the hunted.

Sneaking from building to building without much direction, it didn’t take long for one of our members to slip up and attract the attention that put us running for our lives, our numbers quickly dwindling as the gunfire gradually picked off our stragglers who we didn’t even have time to look back and acknowledge as we fled. Eventually I ended up alone, darting between houses in an almost suburban setting as I felt the chase somewhat slowing behind me until I was able to hide in a farmer’s field while I could overhear the soldiers wandering around nearby, but thankfully without a clue that one of their prospects was laying among the tall crops so close nearby.

It was in that field that I stayed for nearly a week, slowly inching my way further from the man’s house whenever the quiet encouraged me to move forward, sustaining myself on whatever I could find nearby on the ground that was mostly disgusting – a few of the crops that surrounded me, but also some bugs and even dirt. I hadn’t used my phone in days after turning it off upon overhearing one soldier commenting that they’d been tracking us via GPS, and I knew it just wasn’t worth the risk when already they were so close on the roads that bordered the fields that kept me hidden.

I finally had to make haste once again when it was the farmer itself who caught sight of me during his daily chores and quickly alerted the nearby soldiers – only a couple this time – who pursued me on foot as I proceeded to steal his car in return and take off back into the city that I’d just spent so much time trying to escape.

I had no idea what I was doing or where I was going – all I knew was that I had to get away.

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