The photo hardly does our house’s glow justice, as we’ve heard several accounts of people stopping outside of the house to check out our lights from the sidewalk! So yeah – we’ve officially become that house now. 😛

I still consider this to be sort of phase 1 of our lights, though – we spent a bunch of money swapping out a good number of them for LEDs this year after having the bulk die out last year, and the new programmable ones that run along both the edge of the roof and around the palm to the far left have been pretty fun to change colors throughout the month, but I still feel that the yard itself needs work … partially due to the ginormous, stupid oak tree that currently dominates the center of the yard.

Hopefully between now and next Christmas we’ll be able to get that ugly beast removed, which will open up the entire yard to new possibilities! Still, a valiant effort considering that I didn’t really do much of anything last year. It’s probably safe to say that we won the neighborhood as far as light displays, though most of our neighbors are boring and didn’t really do anything, so they’re not the ones I’m comparing us to anyways.

Work in progress!!!


One family visit down and another only hours away in the car – this little spud needed a quick nap before the next battalion of holiday visitors arrives to smother him with kisses once more!


Purchased and personalized at Disney’s Days of Christmas at Downtown Disney






In the many years that we’ve been going to Disney, one thing that we’ve never done is Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at the Magic Kingdom, so this year we made special plans to take my sister and her family over for a special bit of holiday cheer while they’re visiting this week!

The highlights included:

  • Character greetings with Goofy & Minnie.
  • Watching my niece yell, “Hi, <insert character>!!!” to every character that passed us during the Christmas parade.
  • Watching my niece’s jaw thoroughly drop when Santa pointed at her and shouted back, “And thanks for being good girl this year!”
  • Snow on Main Street USA.
  • Holiday Wishes is always a treat!

We also managed to get a nice handful of attractions in as well because it was my niece’s first trip to Disney World in general, though I think in the future we’ll try to stick to the party-specific activities to maximize our return. Still, it was a whole lot of fun and the adorable pictures proved that nicely.

More tomorrow!

Only a sibling could get away with giving a guy real, genuine bullshit for Christmas…

bullshit1 bullshit2 bullshit3


I guess you can say that I’m turning into an old man because in our recent couple of trips to Disney World, out of all the possible souvenirs that I could set my little sights on, this holiday serving set is the one that I just had to have!

For what it’s worth, I just really like the old school artwork on them and thought they’d make a fun addition to our ever-growing array of holiday housewares. Not to mention, once you start you can’t not collect the whole set, of course. 😉

I guess this means I’m going to have to acquire some sort of cheese log to serve on these babies before the year is through…

…and no, I don’t want to talk about how much they actually costed… 😯

I didn’t think these were going to be nearly as much fun as they were, but we were so elated with the results that we ended up buying considerably more of them than we were expecting!

Big props to Studio One to One in Brandon Town Center for helping us to capture the spirit of the season for Christopher’s very first Christmas … we’ll no doubt be seeing you again in 2015…







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