I already paid you!!!

July 7, 2012 3:56pm
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A pet peeve of mine with Tampa Electric / People’s Gas – our current utility providers … why can’t their billing system check and verify whether we’ve already paid before sending out their friendly reminders like this???

Dear Valued Customer,

This is a friendly payment reminder from Tampa Electric that your electric bill due date is approaching.

If you have already made your payment or have scheduled your payment online, please disregard this notice.

If you would like to make a payment at this time please click on the following link: http://tec.inetbiller.com


Tampa Electric

It was one thing with paper bills when they could easily cross in the mail, but with everything electronic these days, there’s no excuse other than a poorly designed billing system to pester your good customers who actually pay their bills well in advance.  😕

Cleo vs. The Bathtub

January 14, 2012 12:14pm
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Wanna know one of the more obnoxious ways of being woken up in my house?

How about finding that your dog has gotten herself into the bathtub and now can’t get back out again?!

Go figure, this is the one puppy that not only doesn’t fear baths like any good, god-fearing dog should, but actually looks forward to them to the point of begging at the side of the tub for us to let her play in the water.

Apparently this time she got tired of begging and didn’t realize until it was too late that there isn’t always water waiting for her inside said bathtub…

Happy Holidays to the War on Christmas

December 21, 2011 7:35pm
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I really liked this video because I think that comedian John Fugelsang does a great job of explaining why people maybe shouldn’t get quite as bent out of shape about hearing “Happy Holidays!” as opposed to “Merry Christmas!”

Is it really that wrong to acknowledge that their are other special holidays on the calendar in December that don’t necessarily correlate with your own personal beliefs? If you celebrate Christmas, then by all means wish everyone you meet a Merry Christmas, but when someone else goes out of their way to wish you well in the spirit of the season, really, who are you to denigrate the specific words that they use to do so? You’d be equally offended if companies just swore off the holidays altogether and instead put out commercials that said, “It’s December – make sure you stock up on beets…” so really, what your “war on Christmas” amounts to is simply your being upset that everyone else doesn’t just believe in the exact same thing that you do.

Sorry, but that’s not really ever going to happen, so you can either give up the crying game and learn to co-exist in a culturally diverse society, or you can pretty much plan on spending this time of great celebration for so many different beliefs instead being pouty and crabby because you can’t have your own way.

And not for nothing, but a lot of little boys and girls end up getting coal in their stockings for that kind of behavior… 😳

Anxiously Awaiting RSVPs

July 25, 2008 11:25pm
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Well, tomorrow’s the big day! Granted, I do feel just a bit of pity for our mailman, as he will certainly have his work cut out for him tomorrow, what with delivering all 34 of our remaining RSVPs on the very same day. You’ve got to admire people that wait until the very last minute to send back their RSVPs, but still manage to make the deadline so that you don’t have to spend time that you don’t have calling everybody and their brother to see if they’re actually coming to your wedding or not.


Busy, busy day – I guess I’d better go to sleep early, what with all of the RSVPs that we’ll be counting tomorrow afternoon. :O

Crab or No Crab?

June 26, 2008 8:25pm
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Am I “being a crab” if I get angry when I come home to find SUVs and mini-vans parked the entire length of our front yard along the curb, including blocking our mailbox?

Funny, the HOA paperwork that I have states that there’s no parking on the streets at any time, and there’s two or three empty spots available in the driveway of the person who’s hosting all of these people … am I a jerk because they’re the ones not following the rules???

pet peeves – star date 1248647X5812b

March 20, 2008 11:58pm
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I was reminded of a couple more to add to “the list” – one that just recurred this evening and another that happened around the same time as the last post, but was somehow omitted…

[archive] – CLOSE THE DOOR When Using a Public Restroom Stall!!!
Next time it happens, I think I’m just going to clock the guy in the back of the head. The scenario is this – I walk into a bathroom and start going down the line of stalls until I find one that’s open, but when I try to walk in the door that’s clearly open, there’s some dude standing there taking a piss like it’s just another urinal. Now despite a completely separate anger about assholes who don’t have enough control over their penises to not piss all over the seat, I don’t understand why it’s so difficult – there’s a door, close it before you begin! Instead you look over your shoulder and think I’m some kind of jerk for walking in on you peeing.

[Tonight] – The Speed Limit in Our Subdivision Isn’t 14 mph…
We live near the back of our subdivision so it can be a bit of a long drive anyways, but going less than half the posted speed limit sure doesn’t help matters any! Tonight I got stuck behind somebody that was barely idling down the road – I could’ve gotten out and walked home faster than driving behind him. And it irritates me because I know there’s a big family movement to get the speed limit dropped to, oh, 0 mph eventually because there are kids that live in our neighborhood and because many of them have the golf course in their backyards, the kids play in the street instead. Who knows, maybe I’ll have a different perspective when I have kids myself, but in the meantime, I’m sticking with cars in the street, kids in the yard.

weekend peeves of the pet variety

March 8, 2008 11:08pm
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[Yesterday] – Pasco County Roads Suck
We got rained on pretty bad yesterday evening, to the point where it was coming down in buckets by the time I left work. The half-hour drive home was fine through Hillsborough county, but I could tell without even looking for the sign the moment I passed into Pasco … my nice, flat road suddenly became more full of holes than swiss cheese, thus leading to large pools of water in the roadway, skidding, and several times when I could’ve sworn I was going in the ditch even at 20mph under the speed limit. I can’t say that I wasn’t happy for that commute to be over…

[Today] – Yield != Stop
Several routes during today’s travels took us through intersections that required merging into existing traffic to turn right – one going into a ramp that merges into I-4 and the other coming off of I-75 onto SR-54 … why in heavens doesn’t anyone actually know how to drive through these things?! The first just started flailing his hands when I started honking because it was clear as day that there was no traffic coming and therefore he was yielding to nothing, and the second I don’t think ever got the clue … and there’s even a freakin’ sign coming off the freeway that says “Keep moving” along with the one that says you’re merging, but your lane isn’t ending. No yield sign, no stop sign, but I guess he sat there anyways just to take in the view…

[Tomorrow] – Daylight Savings Time == Bleech
Not much to say, except that I guarantee that I’m going to forget. I almost wish that they’d do these on Sundays instead of in the middle of the weekend so at least we’d get the excuse to show up late for work…

pet peeve – cell phones

October 22, 2007 3:43pm
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Seriously, what’s the point of cell phones that flash and beep and do everything except the laundry in an attempt to get you to plug them in when they need charging? My work cell is the absolute worst at this – it will beep every ten minutes when the battery gets low, until the thing is completely dead.

Here’s a thought – maybe instead of making all that noise, you could conserve energy until I get to a place where I can plug you in!

thought of the day – “Excuse me…”

June 19, 2006 7:42pm
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Parents – no matter how cute your children are, please stop teaching them that “Beep beep!!!” is an acceptable substitute for the phrase “Excuse me.”

…especially when they’re right about to run into me on their bikes, not to nitpick or anything… 😛

Rule #1 for Living with Another Person

May 25, 2006 10:14am
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No matter how much you trust them, always check the pockets of their clothes before throwing them into the washing machine with your own. Ink Pen + Clothes = Not Fun

Luckily, the damages were quite minimal and could’ve been a lot worse, but lesson learned nonetheless!

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