No More Leaky AC!!!
I seriously can’t even tell you how big of an accomplishment this is because it’s been plaguing me for like two months now … at least! Basically, the drain pipe for our AC somehow got plugged and as a result has been backed up and was dumping water all over the floor in the garage. Numerous attempts were made to unclog it with the wet-dry vac like I’ve done in the past, but to no avail. Ultimately I found a new suggestion of blowing out the pipe with a garden hose that would be capable of providing a bit more force than the wet-dry vac could do, though that presented a new challenge because it was so backed up that running the hose just pushed water back into the AC unit until I finally decided that the right approach was to just rebuild a chunk of the pipes between the drain and the AC unit itself!

So a lot of PVC cutting and pipe sealant junk later, last night I tore out the leaky section and rebuilt it with a neat-o valve that could be closed when I need to flush the drain pipe out in the future so that my hose water only flows outward instead of even having the opportunity to go back into the AC unit. As for the drain pipe itself, the full pressure of the hose finally seemed to do the trick and within only a few minutes I started to see flakes of algae and eventually a few bigger chunks coming out until it was flowing like normal again.

But the biggest victory dance came when I got up this morning and found that the puddles of water in my garage were subsiding because water was finally draining outside of the house again like it was supposed to!!!

Long story, I know, but like I said, this victory was a long time coming! 😀

This one is much simpler, and even seems a bit silly to say, but I took some time to actually read a book this morning, and it was kind of nice, and as such I think it’s something that I want to try to do more often.

I’ve written many times before that I always feel weird knowing that I’m a writer who doesn’t read very much … at least not when it comes to proper books vs articles, etc…, so today started out kind of lazy and I didn’t really feel like getting out of bed, and instead I reached for my Kindle (which miraculously had a charge!) and got started on a book that my therapist had recommended to me a long time ago about productivity and making the best use of the time that we have…

…ironically enough!

Granted, it’s not the easiest read so I only took in about the first chapter and I want to give myself a few days to absorb it before going back for more, but I really hope this might be the start of slowly finding time for the lost art of reading in my life because there are so many things from other authors out there that I’d like to read and if possible, I wouldn’t mind not feeling like a gigantic hypocrite writing all of these words and then never reading anybody else’s, too! 😉

Special Writing Project Progress…
So the new project that I first mentioned last week – I’m not quite there yet, but I’m really happy with the progress and am looking forward to properly launching it very soon! To date I’ve written three of the five initial essays that I want to lead with, so just a little more to go and maybe some polishing and it should be ready for primetime.

In a way, parts of it make me a little nervous because these stories by nature tend to be more personal than the other stuff that I blog and write fart jokes about, but somehow that’s also what makes it kind of exciting and freeing, too, because it’s a new opportunity to share a side of me that I haven’t really written about in the past!

Anyways, more to come very, very soon. :mrgreen:

Matthew Has Returned Home!
Thankfully our littlest one’s unfortunate run-in with anesthesia came to a close this afternoon as Matthew’s doctor at the hospital signed off on him coming home, and already he’s looking so much better than he did yesterday when he had leads stuck all over his body. Granted, his dick looks kind of gruesome because he got a circumcision while he was there and there’s just no pretty way to slice it … pun intended … but so far he seems to be recovering like a champ and tolerating his brother’s presence and everything… 😛

No Coke!
Admittedly I’ve been pretty terrible about drinking soda again over the last six months when many a year ago I had managed to give it up entirely. Weight loss right now is a much bigger challenge that I’m not really ready to get my arms around … no pun intended … so trying to get back on track with not drinking hundreds of calories of sugar water each day seemed like a more reasonable goal to work towards! And aside from getting a free soda with my lunch the other day – which I only drank about half of before going back to water – so far, so good…

New Writing Project is Go!
And though I’m not quite ready to announce it yet, but I’ve written a couple of pieces for the new project that I’ve been kicking about for weeks/years and frankly, I’m pretty excited about it. The concept is somewhat of a new direction from the types of things that I normally write and includes opportunities to tell a bunch of personal stories, so much in the same way that I’m very pleased with how the editorials that I write for Scott’s Thoughts have come together over the last year and a half, I’m really hoping that these articles will be as rewarding to publish on multiple levels as well. 😀

Flowers & Rain & Meats & Mouse Ears
Had an awesome day yesterday over at Disney, starting at Epcot for the Flower & Garden Festival that segued into a mini Food & Wine Fest, followed by an unexpected dinner at ‘Ohana to avoid the rain and an even more unexpected view of Wishes from the Poly that featured the Electric Water Pageant floating by, and finally culminating with a midnight walk around a nearly empty Magic Kingdom … it was pretty swell!  :mrgreen:

Belated Easter with a 1 Year-Old
Monday night we ended up “doing Easter” because Sara had to work all weekend and we figured that Christopher is still too young to really tell the difference anyways. We quickly learned that one is way too young to even attempt dyeing eggs, but seemed to have fun “finding” the eggs that we’d hidden in plain sight for him around the play room. I suppose next year we’ll probably have to actually put something inside of them! 😕

Smiling by the Lights
I love how right now Christopher is absolutely mesmerized by something as simple as turning the light in his bedroom on and off – when I’m carrying him and I reach up for the switch, he’ll stare at the light all wide-eyed and giggle when I flick it off, giggling again while looking away as I turn it back on and off a few more times to his amusement. It’s probably something that I’ll regret when he figures out how to do it himself and starts burning out bulbs like mad, but for now it’s a lot of fun. 😉

Home Entertainment Shopping Spree!
Commencing in only a few hours, it looks like we’re actually going to do the bulk of our Black Friday shopping today because Best Buy actually has the new TV that we’re buying on sale all week, and because we’re financing everything, it seems as good a time as any to to a bit of other splurging at the same time as well! So we’re basically buying all of the new games that we’ll get for the next year … now!

Christmas Light Overhaul Extravaganza
Also on the renovation list this year is our Christmas light display because despite how much I love decorating, we didn’t even put anything up last year and a big part of it was because the lights we have are a total mess. In fact, after going dark last season I kind of committed to doing it right again this year, knowing that it was going to involve scrapping the bulk of what we already have and starting over with a new design for the entire house.

Which is fine, albeit expensive! Still, I never really decorated our last rental because I didn’t have a ladder tall enough, so our old lights were really focused around a house that we haven’t lived in for several years now … it’s time for a change!

Backin’ Up, Backin’ Up, Backin’ Up, Backin’ Up…
So an interim step to this post from the other day that I actually was able to complete was throwing at least a partial backup of files onto CrashPlan, which makes me feel a little safer that at least my photos from all across the years are now a little safer in the event I lose a hard drive like I’ve already had happen several times before! It cost me about $75 for an annual subscription and the files took about a day and a half to upload … for now it was mostly just writing and photos, but where I am in life now makes $75 to protect that kind of stuff a no-brainer.

Kind of looking forward to my next steps because I still have plenty of organization to handle, plus I’m curious to see just how Unlimited they really are if I opt to try uploading my DVD collection to them eventually as well, but I guess for now it’s just comforting knowing that I finally got around to backing up the tens of thousands of photos that I’ve been saying I really need to backup for years now… 😉

Memory Lane Photo Posts
I had a lot of fun with this little series. I was feeling particularly nostalgic that night and I can see myself doing some more of them in the future as I come across worthwhile photos. 😀

I really liked this series when I started posting them back in September, but I somehow managed to fall completely off the wagon in October. Let’s try to remedy that situation now… 😉

Swim Class Survival
After watching from the sidelines as Sara did swim class with Christopher for the last however many months, I finally had to fill in because she had surgery and couldn’t go in the water one week, and it actually ended up being a lot of fun. I was a little anxious about the whole thing leading up to it, but there were only a few other kids in the class and his instructor ended up being really great about showing me all of the different things that they had been doing. And he went underwater for a few seconds all by himself!!! Seriously, where was this class when *I* was a kid?!

Christopher’s First Halloween Was Great!
He was a baby dragon, and also Mickey Mouse at one point, and both were equally adorable … although the dragon candy bowl picture just slays me… 😀

hallow_mickey hallow_dragon

I Voted
It didn’t work, but at least I tried. Our voting system needs a lot of work here in America.

Smooth Birthday Celebrations with Baby
With last week being Sara’s birthday, we ended up going out for a nice dinner at the restaurant in the hotel where we got married, and despite me being nervous about how he was going to act in a more formal setting (he’s kind of been a little nightmare for me lately), he was actually quite behaved the entire night. Admittedly it helped that there were a few other couples with babies there, too, so at least we weren’t the only that couple, but all in all I think he did good! He did give me a bit of a run for my money in the bathroom because they didn’t have a changing table and I had to do it in the sink, and I’m still not on the same page as my wife with regards to taking him to a movie in the afternoon, but it was a nice night and good for us to get out of the house because we kind of spend a lot more time there than we used to right now.

Baby’s First Safari
Also last weekend we took Christopher over to the Animal Kingdom for his first visit to that park – had lunch at Rainforest Cafe where he got to sit by the elephants, and then pretty much spent the rest of the afternoon walking around looking at the various animals around the park. He slept on and off a lot and we didn’t really get to do rides or anything, except for Kilimanjaro Safaris, which apparently I haven’t been on for a long time because I didn’t realize that they’d pulled the whole poaching bit out of the story altogether! It was fun and it was nice to finally get over there because Animal Kingdom is a park that I just hate to do if it’s not cooler out, so the weather cooperated at least for that part of the day, and there was much rejoicing.


New iPhones!!!
And lastly, I already posted about this earlier in the week, but Sara and I finally upgraded our phones, taking the huge leap from 4 to 6 on Tuesday, and I don’t know about her but I’m loving mine so far. It feels like a new toy all over again, I’m re-exploring apps old and new like crazy, and it’s nice to have a phone that doesn’t give me crap trying to play music in the car anymore, too! Just need to remember to take our old ones in for trade-in tomorrow so that we can get those promotional credits coming that made the upgrade possible in the first place!

Lots of stuff going on right now leading up into the holidays and life is extraordinarily chaotic, but let’s meet back here in a week’s time and we’ll see if I can’t come up with three new positives to post here again! 🙂

Children’s Book #2???!
Still just an inkling at this point, but I started jotting a couple of random ideas down for the next awesome kids book, and even though it’s a bit in a different direction than I was thinking when we did the first alphabet book a year and a half ago, I think it might be kinda cool!

He Sees You When You’re Sleeping…
This seems creepy even though I’m his Dad … which seems weird typing even 6 months in! … but I’ve noticed lately that I have kind of a habit of peeking into Christopher’s room when he’s sleeping either at night or during the day to check in on him, and it makes me feel kind of good. 😉

Christmastime is Nearing!
Lastly, managed to lock down a few details for when my sister and her family will be coming to visit for Christmas, and don’t tell Madelyn because I think it’s going to be a surprise, but we’re going to spend a couple of days over at Disney World while they’re here! One night we’re going to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, which is something that Sara and I haven’t done yet, either, we’ve got a nice room booked at Kidani Village using our brand new DVC points, and I just think that the whole thing is going to be a lot of fun and a very well-deserved holiday vacation.


Hands down the coolest thing that has happened in a while – we were at the beach last week while Sara’s sister was in town and for a good 15-20 minutes while the three of us were just standing out in the water talking, we got to see some dolphins in the wild!!!

I didn’t see the first appearance, whereas Sara gasped out because she said the thing almost came up on top of me, but then a few minutes later we all together noticed a fin maybe 20-30 feet off in the distance, then it would disappear for a while, then eventually appear with another, and even a third. It was hard to tell how many were there in total because I think they were in two groups at one point, but at best sometimes they were maybe 15-20 feet away – just casually swimming around us while we watched for them to surface, and it was so cool.

I’ve tried to think back whether I’ve actually ever seen dolphins in the wild before or not. I’ve obviously seen them at Epcot and SeaWorld and other aquariums, but that might be it. On the other hand, my wife actually sent me a text message the morning we got married boasting that she’d seen two dolphins playing in the water from her room and this was only down the beach from there, so some six years later I guess I finally got to see mine! 🙂

Pumpkin Spice is Coming…
I’ve been really up in the air about whether I really want to do the site this year, but after picking up a couple of random things on my own volition and still enjoying them, I think that I’ll be doing something … just maybe not quite as overboard as I’ve done years in the past.

Billy Bass Graceland
Just the fact that this little slice of singing heaven exists gives me hope for our next family road trip. My favorite quote? “Almost all of them are brought by women…”

I saw where a couple of people on Facebook were posting things like this, so I thought I’d give it a try too! Three positive things to highlight from the last seven days…

Last week Sara trialed this zapper thing to help with her ongoing back pain and it turns out that it was kind of a godsend. It’s basically like a TENS unit on steroids that they implant beneath your skin, and then it just runs constantly to confuse your body into thinking it’s not in pain. In three days time, she absolutely loved it and can’t wait to get one put in for real, which should make life in general a bit easier for her soon.

Writing Payday
I don’t think I’ve ever felt better about my writing career than I did this week. Something triggered – I know not what – and I made more last week than I did the entire month before. I think this might finally be a turning point, and I’m very excited to see where it goes from here!!! :mrgreen:

Feeding a la Spoon
Granted I think I’ve done it a handful of times before when Sara wasn’t home, but this week feeding Christopher via spoon officially became part of our nightly routine. I think I like the bottles better because they’re not nearly as messy, but I suppose one can’t subsist on a liquid diet forever.

For what it’s worth, at least we’re getting a tiny bit better at putting more of the food in his mouth than on his person… 😉


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