About Me

Hi there! My name is Scott Sevener, and I’m a writer.

I enjoy humor and comedy of just about any form, I’m way into technology and computers and all sorts of other geeky stuff like video games and superheroes and Legos, too! I live in Tampa, Florida with my wife Sara, our three boys, and our dog Ollie. (RIP Cleo)

But more than anything, I really do love writing, whether it’s telling a funny story or sharing a painful lesson that I’ve learned about life along the way, or even just telling people what I had for breakfast like all people do on the Internet at one point or another! Writing has always been this incredible creative outlet for me, ever since back in the 8th grade when I wrote my very first “short story” of 80 some-odd pages in length after being convinced that becoming a writer would pretty much be the coolest job ever.  A writer gets to craft their own world, and make people say whatever he wants, and even come up with completely ridiculous stuff that would never actually happen in real life, so I guess my 13 year-old self was kinda right – there are perks to getting to play god, even if it is only on paper!

Over the years I’ve written a lot of different things online and this website is my way of bringing all of those things together and also highlighting my latest projects that I’m working on these days. I love to hear from people who’ve enjoyed the things that I’ve written, so please consider dropping me a line if you find me bringing a smile to your day, and I also love to write special things for people who feel like paying me, so anyone who falls into that category would be welcome to do so as well at their leisure as well! 🙂

Still got other curiosities about yours truly that I didn’t seem to answer in this surprisingly short bio of mine?